Accompanying Resources

Please note that it is a privilege to have a professional pianist for coaching here at Dickinson College.  In most universities and colleges, students pay per session for this opportunity.  We ask that students and faculty adhere to the accompanying policy printed below, in particular the cancellation policy.

Staff Accompanists

Cancellation Policy

  • In order to cancel appointments, students should notify the accompanist via e-mail as soon as possible, but no later than 9:00 AM on the day of the appointment.
  • To Cancel: Email both the accompanist and your teacher.
  • “One Strike, You’re Out Policy”: If the Cancellation Policy is not followed, students will receive a one-time warning.  After a second offense, the student will immediately lose coaching privileges for the remainder of the semester, and will perform her/his studio class and jury unaccompanied.  Students who perform in these graded events unaccompanied due to non-compliance with the Cancellation Policy should expect a lowered semester grade. The policy applies to all students and to all performance studios.

Music Scores

  • Students are responsible for seeing that copies of their assigned repertory (music scores or photocopies) reach the accompanist before the student’s first rehearsal.
  • Music, labeled with student name and appropriate tempo markings, may be placed in the accompanist’s mailbox in the Music Department office.

Scheduling Coachings/Rehearsals

  • Students are assigned by the Coordinator of Piano Studies and/or Director of Performance Studies to specific coaches on a per-semester basis.
  • Students make coaching appointments with Prof. Kim (music majors only) and Prof. Rotz (singers only) via e-mail.
  • Students make coaching appointments with Prof. Sokol-Albert using the signup sheets on the bulletin board next to Room 314 (a.k.a. the “residency room”. If Sokol-Albert students are unable to find an appropriate time, please contact Prof. Sokol-Albert (
  • In the first lesson of each semester your teacher will determine how many of these weekly appointments you need, and when they should be, each semester.
  • There are three options for coachings:
  1. every week
  2. every other week (piggybacking with someone else)
  3. as needed
  • Students coming every week as well as "piggy backers" need to pick a permanent time, and then sign up on the individual sheets for the entire semester. Once these slots are filled, the "as needed" people may sign up for coachings in any of the remaining slots available. It is imperative that students with a permanent time fill out all the individual sheets for the entire semester’s calendar.
  • Coaching slots with Prof. Albert are 15/30 minutes each and with Prof. Rotz are 20 minutes each; therefore, students are advised to be absolutely punctual for their scheduled appointments.
  • Instrumentalists should have their instrument and accessories out and ready to play at the scheduled time.
  • All students should be warmed up at the time their session starts.
  • NOTE TO INSTRUMENTALISTS REGARDING REPERTOIRE: Please have all repertoire to Professor Sokol-Albert by the beginning of October (Fall semester) and the beginning of March (Spring semester). Repertoire should not exceed the equivalent of two sonata movements.

Recitals: Noonday, Graduating Senior, Personal Recitals

  • The Noonday Concert venue is a selective one, and students must be recommended by their studio teacher to participate. Should you require an accompanist you will also need the signature of your accompanist.
  • Students may not self-enroll for Noonday Concerts. Please use the noon-day form found below.
  • The Graduating Senior Recital, offered annually during Senior Week, is a performance opportunity offered to all non-major graduating seniors who have taken lessons from Dickinson faculty while enrolled at Dickinson College. Students must be recommended by their studio teacher to participate. Contact the Director of Performance Studies for more information.
  • Personal Recitals (i.e., non-degree/non-required solo recitals) require approval by the Music Department Full-Time Faculty. Contact the Director of Performance Studies for more information.

Junior/Senior Recital

  • Music majors preparing Junior or Senior Recitals are assigned more coaching sessions than other students until their performance dates.
  • Students must collaborate with the Staff Accompanist when they schedule recitals and dress rehearsals at the beginning of the school year.

Studio Performance Class

  • Rubendall Recital Hall is reserved the last two weeks of every semester for Studio Performance Classes.
  • All scheduling of Rubendall Recital Hall, including scheduling for Studio Classes, must be done through the Music Department Coordinator.


  • All student juries will be accompanied by staff accompanists.
  • Student accompanists do not play juries unless they have worked with a student all semester and both instructors agree to this.

Noonday Concert Performances

  • Students may not self-enroll for Noonday Concerts.  To request a performance slot in a Noonday Concert, the instructor should print and complete the Application Form and submit it in person to the Music Department Coordinator.
  • Noonday Concert Application Form (PDF)