Performance Studies Attendance Policy

There are 13 lessons and (except in 113) one jury per semester. Attendance at all is required. Lessons are scheduled at the beginning of each semester and should be regarded as sessions of a class which meets weekly—not an appointment which can be rescheduled at the student’s convenience.

Make-Up Lesson Policy

  • Lessons missed by the instructor will be made up at a time mutually convenient to the student and the instructor.
  • Instructors are under no obligation to make up lessons missed by the student, whether “excused” or “unexcused.”
  • Lessons missed due to extended vacations (e.g., leaving early for Thanksgiving break) are considered unexcused, and will not be made up.
  • If the student must miss a lesson because of illness, he or she must provide the instructor reasonable notice in advance of the lesson time, and may be asked to provide an excuse from the Wellness Center
  • Missed make-up lessons will not be re-scheduled.

Unexcused Absences

  • Lessons are considered unexcused if the student is absent or unreasonably late without notifying the instructor beforehand. An unexcused absence may lower the semester grade at the instructor’s discretion; see the course syllabus for details.