The jury is both a performance opportunity and a final exam for the Performance Studies course. Juries are optional for first semester (113) students, and required in all subsequent Performance Studies courses.

Juries will be scheduled to take place during the final exam period (view the academic calendar to find the dates for final exams). They will be noted on the official school calendar, and take place in Rubendall Recital Hall. Two members of the music faculty sit on each jury session, one being the instructor of the course. A jury form will be filled out for each student which must include a letter grade given by the student’s instructor and written comments given by all.

Juries should be treated like all other final exams. Juries missed due to illness or family emergency are made up during finals week. In the case of extended illness/emergency, the student is assigned an “Incomplete” grade for the semester and allowed to complete the jury the following semester. In these circumstances, an instructor may request a confirmation of illness from the Wellness Center. Students who fail to arrive at their scheduled jury time without a legitimate excuse will receive a failing grade for the jury, which may be averaged into the semester grade according to the instructor’s grading procedure, or may prevent the student from passing the course altogether.

Individual instructors may present additional requirements for the jury. See your course syllabus for details.

(Read about the use and availability of accompanists.)