Ballet instruction is offered at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, at four levels of instruction. Each level has two courses (one Fall and one Spring).

Beginning Ballet - fall course: 111, spring course: 112
Intermediate Ballet - fall course: 211, spring course: 212
Advanced Ballet by audition only - fall course: 311, spring course 312
Advanced Ballet CPYB/Pre-professional Certification audition only - fall course: 411, spring course 412

  • Students will select the appropriate level based on prior experience.
  • Beginning level indicates some dance experience.  Students can register themselves online through Banner Self-Service.
  • Intermediate level requires ten years of consecutive ballet training.  Students can register themselves online through Banner Self-Service after receiving a Permission of Instructor Override.
  • Higher levels are by audition only. Students will be registered by the Registrar’s Office once notification is received from CPYB.
  • All dance technique courses may be repeated for credit.
  • CPYB Certificate students may take ballet for a full credit.

Co-Curricular Activities

Dance Theatre Group - Company Class 5-7 pm Tuesdays, HUB Studio. Regularly scheduled rehearsals announced after auditions.

Mermaid Players - Rehearsals 7-10:30 pm Sunday through Thursday, Mathers Theatre. Regularly scheduled production work announced