Dickinson Email as Official College Communication

Dickinson College uses electronic mail (e‐mail) as one means of conveying official notifications and communications to its students. Each student is provided with a Dickinson e‐mail account for this purpose. You are responsible for receiving, reading, responding to, and complying with official e‐mail communications from the college and college officials. These include, but are not limited to, communications from the President, Provost and Dean of the College, Dean of Students, Registrar, Financial Aid, Public Safety and other offices, as well as communications from your professors. If you do not have regular access to e‐mail, you must make arrangements with the college for alternative means of communication. You are also responsible for ensuring that there is enough space in your e‐mail accounts to receive messages. Instructions on maintaining and cleaning out Dickinson e‐mail accounts can be found on the LIS Web site.