Where is Dickinson Mail Services located?

Mail Services is located on the lower level of the Holland Union Building (HUB) operating hours are 8 am to 4 pm Monday- Friday.

Can I send letter mail and ship packages from Mail Services?

Mailing supplies; stamps, envelope and shipping supplies can be purchased at the Mail Service window. We offer rate shopping which ensures the most cost efficient way for shipping a package. (USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL).

What payment options can I use?

We accept cash, credit card (a minimum of $10.00) and your student account. An ATM is available in the upper level of the HUB.

Can I return packages from Mail Services?

There is a $2.00 convenience fee for all packages with a prepaid or RS label attached.

When is my HUB number assigned?

You will receive an email the 3rd week of July with directions on how to address your mail and packages. If do not receive an email by this time please email fasmailroom@dickinson.edu.

What is my college address?

The format of your Dickinson address is as follows:

Your Name, HUB #______
Dickinson College

28 North College Street

Carlisle PA 17013

MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR NAME AND HUB #, otherwise, mail could be delayed. For delivery assurance do not use your HUB # as a PO Box Number.


Can I retrieve my mail and packages at the local Post office?

No, all Dickinson mail and package is sorted to the college and is held until we pickup.

What if I go by a name other than my legal name?

If you have specified a preferred name you can receive mail under either your preferred or legal name.  For all other students, please use your full legal name for all packages and letter mail, otherwise we cannot guarantee mail will be processed for you.

What do I need to provided to claim my package?

You must have your Dickinson College ID. Swiping your ID will alert us to what you have to pick up and where it is located in Package Pickup.

Can I have a friend pick up my mail and packages?

No, although if notified that you are unable to retrieve your items but need them before the start of the next business day we will make every effort to move them to an open locker upon availability (if size appropriate ). You may then give the code to whomever you want to allow to pick up.

How soon can I send mail and packages?

We begin to hold all letter mail and packages arriving on campus two weeks before move-in day.

All trackable packages are verified, received, and put away before email notices are sent.

What if my carrier has notified me that my package has been delivered?

Many carriers now send a text or email that your package has arrived. You will want to wait until you receive the Package Pickup email notification advising you that you have a package to pickup.

I’ve been notified of the arrival but have not received the Package Pickup email.

There are several reasons why there may be a delay in receiving the Package Pickups notifications:

    If a package is delivered to you with any missing info (first or last name missing, a nickname used, or package shipped with parent's name, etc) it may cause delays in your package as we confirm who it's intended for. 
  • If you believe that your package has arrived on campus and you have not been notified come to Package Pickup with your id and tracking number and we will do our best to help locate your items, If you are unable to stop during business hours you can send your tracking number to fasmailroom@dickinson.edu and we will get back to you when we have an answer.

Unidentify packages are held for 5 consecutive business days.


Can I ship perishable items to the college?

We receive perishable items, (flowers, cupcakes, cookies) they are held in Package Pick-up no longer than five consecutive days. Prepackaged meal supplies (arriving on dry ice/ice packs) are held for two business days. Mail Service does not provide refrigeration.

How is our mail handled during the semster breaks?

Mail Service will send an email at the end of each semester with details on how your mail is handled.

Do you deliver packages to my dorm?

No, however, we will allow you to rent a flatbed for $5.00 an hour to transfer your package to your dorm on campus.

What if I want to work at the mailroom?

You can request an application to work in Package Pickup at the pickup counter at Mail Services.