Dickinson has long been renowned for its holistic approach to global education, and we had a string of awards and statistics—an uptick in study-abroad and international students and strong study-abroad participation rates for our students of color, first-generation students and student-athletes, for example—to illustrate recent successes.   

Then a global pandemic arrived.    

In the spring of 2020, the Center for Global Study and Engagement (CGSE) suspended spring study abroad programs and brought students home, canceled summer study abroad, and pondered the unlikelihood of resuming fall 2020 study abroad and lingering questions about the future of international education and global learning with limited student mobility.  

The CGSE started to seek out future-forward and innovative opportunities and collaborations for continued global learning. That’s because global education isn’t just something we do at Dickinson. It’s who we are. And it reaches into virtually every aspect of our students’ experiences. So when a pandemic forced us to bring our students home from study-abroad sites, we had systems and relationships in place to continue their language and culture learning from home. In fact, in crisis we saw opportunity and began reimagining the future of global learning.     

What we’ve done 

One such very successful collaboration which has helped us begin to reimagine our commitment to building equitable, inclusive and sustainable communities. Throughout the spring and summer of 2020, Dickinson faculty and staff in the US, Spain, Italy and France:  

What we're doing

These new collaborations and global learning opportunities have already paved the way for new possibilities for global education at Dickinson. During the fall 2020 semester, we continue to provide innovative global experiences for our students, including:  

  • Creating Study Abroad from Home programs in China, Vietnam, Korea, and England for international students from those countries/regions, whether at our own study-abroad sites or in partnership with CET Academic Programs. Students on these programs can take a combination of in-person courses and Dickinson remote courses while also participating in extracurricular activities with on-site staff and virtual Dickinson student programing.  

  • Teaching and team teaching remotely from our sites abroad – CGSE staff and faculty abroad are teaching courses in French and Francophone Studies, Italian Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, and Russian Studies.  

  • Incorporating CGSE staff and faculty abroad into language learning experiences, including classroom instruction virtual language tables and virtual cultural experiences with our program sites abroad 

  • Connecting experts from our communities abroad to the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues for virtual programs.

  • Compiling a list of on-site resources for Dickinson faculty and students to engage with the local communities where we have Dickinson programs. 

    • A full list of resources is available on the side tab