Getting Credit for Your Coursework Abroad

Upon return to the Carlisle campus, students must complete the Enrollment in Another Institution Form.  Seniors are required to submit this form prior to the course request period for their last semester.   If the form is not in the Registrar’s Office by that time, the student will not be permitted to participate in the course request period. Please note that this form is required only when a student is seeking major, minor, or distribution credit for coursework completed at a cooperating university.  The form is not required if seeking only general credit. After obtaining the required signatures, the student should bring the form to the Center for Global Study and Engagement for approval. The form will then be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office.



Courses Abroad
Dickinson Course Transfer Course Department Approved Course
Has a Dickinson course number Has course number from another institution Has been approved by dept. to count in GPA
Listed in the Bulletin Must earn a "C" or better to earn credit Psychology at UEA, UQ DIS and Toulouse (ICT only)
Generally, taught by a Dickinson faculty member General Credit BIO, CHEM, GEO, ES, Math, CS, PSYC, ENG, AMST, ECON, Fine Arts, Theatre, Music, Philosophy, Religion, SOME SOCIOLOGY at UEA
Transfers automatically Must complete Enrollment in Another Institution Form for major/minor/div SFS
Counts in GPA Does not count into GPA ICCS Rome