ADS - Access and Disability Services

The Access and Disability Services (ADS) team strives to ensure that all programs, services and facilities are accessible to Dickinson students on a non-discriminatory basis. ADS is committed to working with all eligible students with documented disabilities and with faculty to provide reasonable accommodations in the academic and/or living environment.

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Disclosures to ADS are completely confidential and will never appear on a student's college record. Here are the Accommodation Request Steps. For more information about the complete disclosure and academic accommodations process, see Disclosing and Documenting a Disability to Request Academic Accommodations.


We're delighted you've chosen to be a part of the Dickinson Family. If you are in need of any type of accommodation(s) at Dickinson--whether due to a learning or physical disability, a medical or mental health condition, or a temporary impairment, please complete our Disclosure and Request for Accommodations, and we will provide you with next steps. If you have any questions whatsoever, please email us at We're happy to assist!


If you have been granted academic accommodations, but are not currently using them, it’s not too late to do so! You just need to ensure that you allow one week’s notice for any test proctoring needed. Come to ADS to get your Accommodation Letters and Blue Forms today!

If you are seeking any additional accommodations, please follow our online instructions to your "Disability Disclosure and Accommodation Request" form, add any additional information or requests, and email us to let us know that you have.


ODS is located in 106 Dana Hall, which is located at 277 W. Louther St., on the corner of Louther (across from Rector), and College St. (across from the Quarry). This is also the Office of Learning Skills, which provides free resources such as semester calendars, weekly planners, study and test-taking tips, and many other strategic learning and study skills materials.

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If you have any questions about accommodations at Dickinson based on a disability or temporary impairment, please look through this website for information. If you still have remaining questions, please send them to

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Department Head:
Marni Jones
Director of Learning Skills and ADS (Access and Disability Services)
Assistant Dean of Advising

Elizabeth Connelly
Access and Communications Coordinator

Susan Frommer
Assistant Director and Proctoring Manager

Madelyn Campbell
Staff Associate


Old West Lower Level, Room 5
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