Your college dean is here to help you make the most of your Dickinson experience.

Dickinson is committed to providing both a rigorous, liberal-arts education and a generous, welcoming community. All students have a faculty advisor and a college dean. Your faculty advisor helps you formulate your academic goals and chart your path through Dickinson’s curriculum, including our certificate and study abroad programs. Your college dean helps you make the most of your Dickinson experience, whether by finding your niche or expanding beyond it, addressing your concerns or celebrating your accomplishments. Together, advisors and deans offer complementary support in all areas of your life at the College.

Each of the deans has a roster of student advisees as well as a portfolio of specific responsibilities in student life, academic affairs, civic engagement, student leadership, and multicultural affairs. All of the deans are knowledgeable about campus resources, student opportunities, and College policies. If we don’t have an answer to a question, we know where to find it: one of the best ways your dean can offer assistance is by helping you connect—with a professor who shares your interests, with other students who share your goals, or with members of the community with whom you can share your concerns.

To contact your dean, you can either write or your individual dean.