Beijing, China


The China program offers students an opportunity to study Chinese language and culture at Peking University in Beijing, the nerve center of one of the world’s fastest-growing and most transitional economies. The program coordinator oversees the co-curricular student experience of the program. CIEE facilitates housing options, some excursions, cultural activities, internship placements, orientation, emergency management and ongoing student support services.

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Peking University, the oldest higher education institution in China, is a major research university and a member of the elite C9 League of Chinese universities. 

Beijing, China


  • Language intensive program
  • Chinese Culture course taught by a Peking University faculty member, who was a visiting faculty member at Dickinson in a previous semester
  • Homestay or dorm
  • Credit-bearing internship opportunities for academic-year students


Dickinson’s Beijing program offers an intensive study of Chinese language, culture and society. The program is open to students who have completed at least two years of college-level Chinese. Courses at Peking University are conducted entirely in Chinese and the majority of students’ credits will come from language courses. During the fall semester, in tandem with three intensive language courses, students take a special culture course, which provides an overview of Chinese culture and society enhanced by 

experiential-learning opportunities at key sites around Beijing. Students who remain for the spring semester and who have gained sufficient language proficiency may elect to take non-language courses at the university or participate in an internship while continuing their language studies. 


The program coordinator facilitates excursions for program participants during the semesters. These excursions include historical and cultural sites in and around Beijing, such as the Great Wall, a visit to tea hours and various traditional Chinese performances. At the end of the semester, students, along with a Dickinson faculty member, take a weeklong excursion to a different region of China that complements 

the students’ study of Chinese language and culture. 


Students have the opportunity to live with a homestay family or in the Peking University international dormitories. Living with a host family, students practice language skills daily and experience daily Chinese life. Students receive a stipend to cover food costs. 


Wei (Chase) Cui serves as the Program Coordinator. In addition, it is through a longstanding partnership with Peking University that Dickinson is able to provide the academic experience for students on the program. The on-campus coordinator is Professor of Chinese Language and Literature Rae Yang. 




Academic Year, Fall, Spring 

Academic Year: Early September to mid-June. Applications are due by February 25. 

Fall: Early September to mid-January. Applications are due by February 25.

Spring: Early January to late June. Applications are due by September 21. 


2.8 GPA 

Students must complete at least two years of college-level Chinese before studying abroad. 


Wei (Chase) Cui  
Program Coordinator

The on-campus coordinator is Professor of Chinese Rae Yang. 


“I was able to thrive at Peking University, joining student clubs, becoming the representative for my class, and winning third place at a speech competition…. All in all, my semester in China was one that challenged me in a way that required me to adapt both to different cultural values and a different language, but also allowed me to have experiences I never would have dreamed of.”

—Corson Ellis ’20 (German studies and international studies)

Dickinson Majors that are a good fit for Dickinson in China: Beijing
  • Chinese 
  • East Asian Studies 
  • Internships 
  • Music  

Don’t see your major? Connect with us. This program could still be a good fit for you. 

Non-Dickinson Student Information

This program is not currently open for non-Dickinson students. Check our list of available programs here.


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