April 23, 2018

As part of the Spring into Fitness programming, join us on Monday, April 23 from 11-1:30 for some exercise and to learn about the impact of philanthropy across campus. Sign up in Totara.


It’s not a race, so pick your pace. Nevertheless, it is a challenge that you will be rewarded (with something delicious and nutritious) for completing. So, take the tour to learn a little bit more about the good that our alumni, parents and friends have done by giving back to Dickinson. And, don’t forget to record your minutes of activity for today as you’ll visit 8 stops across campus and need comfortable shoes to complete. To begin, here’s your first clue relating to the building you should head to. Can you guess which building you should visit to start? Don’t delay, this tour should be completed between 11-1:30 today! To learn a little moore, you’ll need to start at the home of Philanthropy for Dickinson. Step into the lobby of this building, and you’ll receive your first clue after asking what is so special about April 24, 2018 this year and how you can get involved in giving back to Dickinson.

Further information

  • Location: Start at 50 Mooreland
  • Time: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: $0