January 28, 2020

Come hear about student REU Projects. Kathryn Beck '20 and Noah Hunt-Isaak '20 will present. Free pizza and everyone welcome to attend.

Kathryn Beck ’20 will present “Chorded Pancyclic Properties in Claw-Free Graphs” In Graph Theory, an important and well-known problem is that of finding a Hamiltonian cycle, or a cycle containing every vertex in a graph. The Hamiltonian problem has applications to many real-world problems, such as finding the shortest path for a school bus to travel in order to pick up students in the most efficient manner. A generalization of Hamiltonicity is pancyclicity, the property that a graph contains a cycle of every possible length from 3 up to the order of the graph. Also, a cycle in a graph is said to be chorded if it contains an edge between 2 nonadjacent vertices on the cycle. In 2018, Cream, Gould, and Larsen introduced chords to the property of pancyclicity. A graph G is chorded pancyclic if G contains a chorded cycle of every possible length from 4 up to the order of the graph. We extend their work to doubly chorded cycles and consider the research question of, “what conditions are sufficient to imply doubly chorded pancyclicity?” Noah Hunt-Isaak ’20 will present “Educational Data Mining: Predicting in-Class Performance” In his REU project they used data mining techniques to develop a predictive model for student in-class performance in an introductory CS course. Using data from the class (such as HW grades and usage of the online textbook), they applied and compared a variety of machine learning algorithms such as linear regression and support vector machines to make predictions about how the student would perform. Such a model could theoretically be used as an automated early warning system for detecting struggling students in a class. Website 

Further information

  • Location: Tome 115
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free