Welcome to Dickinson College!

Dickinson’s distinctive history and mission demand that we strive continually to offer a highly valuable and relevant education for today’s emerging citizen leaders. Through rigorous academics—including a strong commitment to global education, active learning and sustainability—and a rich residential life, our students are able to take advantage of a wide array of strong programs in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences, as well as participate in scores of co-curricular activities and programs outside of the classroom. And they engage actively in work and service in the wider communities in which they study and live, here in Carlisle and across the globe. Added to that, our network of accomplished alumni excelling in virtually every field imaginable, and even those not yet fully imagined, are ready and eager to assist our students and alumni looking for advice and mentorship.

As you explore Dickinson for yourself, you will quickly learn that there is something very special about the Dickinson community. I encourage you to consider visiting and joining us.


Nancy A. Roseman

Contact Info

The Office of the President is on the first floor of Old West. 

E-mail: presofc@dickinson.edu