Getting Help or Assistance

What To Do If You Are a Victim or a Survivor of Sexual Harassment or Misconduct: 

Any student, employee, or member of the College community who has experienced sexual harassment, misconduct or violence is encouraged to immediately notify law enforcement and/or seek immediate medical assistance. Dickinson Public Safety will provide transportation upon request.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Response
Dickinson Public Safety - 717-245-1111
Carlisle Police Dept. - 717-243-5252

Health and Safety 
Carlisle Regional Medical Center - 717-960-1695
Any Local or Regional Hospital

Confidential Resources and Reporting Options:

All individuals are encouraged to make a prompt report to law enforcement and to the College. An individual may seek confidential support and resources as designated below. Confidential resources will not share information with the College nor will speaking with a confidential resource trigger action by the College under most circumstances. We encourage all individuals to make a prompt report to the College using the reporting options below, but we recognize that individuals may choose to make a report of sexual harassment, misconduct or violence to any college employee. With the exception of confidential resources, all other college employees, including student employees or volunteers who have a responsibility for student welfare, are trained to share the report with a central review team of College administrators to ensure a prompt and equitable review, investigation and resolution. 

Confidential Resources and Support
Dickinson Sexual Violence Resource Advocate - 717-831-8850
Dickinson Wellness Center Counseling Services - 717-245-1485
Dickinson Wellness Center Health Services - 717-245-1835
Carlisle Regional Medical Center - 717-249-1212

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - 717-243-1896
Carlisle Regional Medical Center - 717-249-1212

Reporting Options
On Campus 
Dickinson Public Safety - 717-245-1111
Dean of Students - 717-245-1639
Title IX Coordinator - 717-254-8316
Director of Human Resources - 717-245-1503
Prevention, Education and Advocacy Center - 717-245-1893

Off Campus
Carlisle Police Dept - 717-243-5252
Carlisle Regional Medical Center - 717-249-1212
YWCA Carlisle's Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis
Services of Cumberland County - 717-243-3818