Award Descriptions

Trust-T Award

The Trust-T Award for musical creativity is awarded to a junior or rising senior at Dickinson who has made an outstanding contribution to the musical life of the college through performance, composition, and/or group leadership.

Carmen Neuberger Award

Endowed by the former Dean of Educational Services, Carmen Neuberger, the prize is awarded to the graduating senior who, while fulfilling an important leadership role and maintaining an outstanding academic record, has contributed greatly to the college through the performing arts and to the Carlisle community through volunteer services.

Student Senate Administrator Award

The Student Senate Administrator Award is given to two members of the administration who contribute the most time and energy towards student initiatives that directly benefit the student body.  These individuals made significant efforts to work with the student body, tackling issues that directly affect students. They also mentor students, bettering student leadership and encouraging them to become campus leaders.  An administrator from Student Development and another from another division of the College will be selected for this award annually.  

Student Senate Faculty Member of the Year

The Student Senate Faculty Member of the Year demonstrates genuine interest in the development of his/her students. This faculty member should actively participate in student organizations and should incorporate academic elements into students' extracurricular activities. In addition, this faculty member should show respect to students and their concerns.  This faculty member has shown dedicated interest in student issues and life on campus and has helped students in addressing these issues. 

Student Senator of the Year

The Student Senator of the Year award is given to the Senator who has served the student body by going beyond his/her Senate duties, serving as an example of leadership, integrity and responsibility for the rest of the Student Senate.  This individual has displayed leadership within the Senate and within their committee through individual responsibilities and/or projects.  They lead with integrity and foster a positive image of Senate to the student body.  They bear responsibilities within the Senate and contribute valuable input to conversations. In addition, this Senator fosters a collective learning environment where decision-making is executed responsibly. This senator must have served on Senate for at least two semesters and may only receive the award once. 

All-College Committee Senator

The All-College Committee Senator award is given to an All-College Committee Senator who has served the student body by going above and beyond their assigned duties, serving as an example of leadership, professionalism, and outstanding achievement.  They work to further policy to best fit student and college needs.  They positively represent students in their interactions with their committee. 

This senator must have served as an All-College Committee Senator for at least one semester and may only receive the award once.  Cabinet members serving on All-College Committees are not eligible to receive this award. 

New Senator of the Year Award

This award is given to a "new Senator" in their first year of service to Senate.  This individual demonstrates a clear understanding of Senate's role on campus. The Senator serves as a role model for other Senators by actively participating in discussion and debate during Senate and committee meetings and actively pursuing projects and initiatives. This Senator exhibits integrity, active engagement and leadership. To be eligible for this award, the Senator must meet or exceed all constitutional requirements of Senators and served on Senate for at least one semester.  

1902 Award

Endowed by the class of 1902, this award is given annually to the junior student who, in the estimation of his/her peers has contributed the most to the good of the college.

Amy Snow Prize

Endowed by the family and friends of Amy Snow, class of 1993, this prize is awarded annually to a rising junior or senior who has a zest for life and learning, a strong commitment to Dickinson and the community, and a demonstrated belief in the goodness of all people.

M. Charles Seller Award

The M. Charles Seller Award for the Outstanding Resident Advisor or House and Apartment Manager at Dickinson College is given annually to the RA/HAM showing outstanding ability as a campus leader, role model and advisor to all those s/he comes in contact with. This person must be a responsible and committed student, a visible and caring leader, and a team player.

Excellence in the Advancement of Diversity & Social Justice

The Excellence in the Advancement of Diversity & Social Justice recognizes an individual student or group of students whose single action or repeated behaviors has moved the College forward in its commitment to building a pluralistic, inclusive and just community. The recipient(s) is one who has contributed to finding solutions to challenges as it relates to diversity and social justice, has developed a distinct voice and speaks out on issues as it relates to absent or neglected perspectives and systems of privilege, and who uses the energy formed by the connections to peers, faculty, and staff to generate meaningful and informed action.

Joyce A. Bylander Excellence in Diversity Education

The Joyce A. Bylander Excellence in Diversity Education Award recognizes a Dickinson College faculty, staff, or administrator whose work and service in and/or outside of the classroom represents innovation in education around issues of diversity and social justice. The recipient of the award is a strong and active advocate for diverse communities, challenges and supports students to engage beyond that which is comfortable and to embrace intellectual risk and gain self-knowledge, as well equip students with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to effectively and responsibly engage in diverse environments.  

Executive Board Member of the Year

This award is given to a member of the executive team of a student organization or group.  Nominees who have high attention to detail, have made significant strides in enhancing group credibility and accountability will be given priority.

Advisor of the Year

Advisors play a variety of roles within a student organization including mentor, teacher, leader, and volunteer. Whether by providing leadership or educational presentations for members, assisting in the coordination of projects, challenging the individual or the group in their work, or serving as true student advocates, faculty and staff assist student organizations in many honorable and extraordinary ways. An advisor helps students to achieve their goals while maintaining the mission and vision of the respective organization and the college. 

The recipient of this award uses experience, expertise, and perspective to promote the individual development of members and overall development of an organization. They are a knowledgeable resource, helping to provide continuity and support for student organizations. This award seeks to recognize a faculty or staff member who has contributed consistently and thoroughly to a student organization or group of students.

Student Program of the Year

This award acknowledges a program initiated, created and run by students that had a positive impact on the Dickinson College Community. Whether inherently social or educational in nature, the winning program shall enhance the ideals of the college in one or more of the following areas:
  • Diversity - diverse in perspective or exhibiting multiculturalism, inclusiveness 
  • Communication -speaking up/speaking out in support of a campus or community issue 
  • Global sensibility - raising awareness of our place in the global society 
  • Sustainability - preservation of our environment 
  • Search for the truth -accountability; knowledge acquisition 
  • Living in community with others - citizenship 

Student Group of the Year

This award seeks to recognize a group of students that has most thoroughly fulfilled its stated mission and goals; collaborated with other organizations and departments to improve life on campus; hosted quality programs; provided a positive influence on its members and the campus community; and was fiscally responsible.   

Student Leader of the Year

This award is given to the individual student that has made significant accomplishments as an identified leader on campus during the current academic year.  For the purposes of this award leadership is measured by affecting positive change on campus.  Specifically nominees will be given high consideration for having a positive impact on the Dickinson College community.

The Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award seeks to recognize an individual or group of individuals whose initiatives demonstrated significant contribution towards advancing sustainability on Dickinson College's campus within the past year. This individual or group strives to educate the campus community on the interrelationship among environmental, social and economic issues as well as contributes proactively to the positive environmental changes on campus and the greater community. Applicants will be reviewed based on 1) demonstrated leadership, 2) scale of environmental impact, 3) creativity and innovation, and 4) measurable results.

Community Engagement Award

This award recognizes the efforts of a student, organization, or group of students that are living out Rush's vision of connections between campus and community.  The ideal recipient/s has raised awareness of community needs, is serving community needs through active volunteer service, and building connections that value community partnerships and meeting needs locally. 

The Rush Citizen of the Year 

This award seeks to recognize one individual from each first-year Neighborhood for outstanding service to his/her community. The ideal recipient of this award enacts Benjamin Rush's vision of engaged citizenship, including leadership, self-governance and peer accountability.  Therefore, this individual is respectful of all members of the community and/or has positively contributed to the Neighborhood organizations. Most importantly, this individual should be a leader and role model amongst his or her peers and consistently served his or her community to enact positive changes within it.

Unsung Hero Award

This award recognizes a student who works behind-the-scenes of a successful group. The individual may not hold a significant leadership position in the organization. This award will be given to someone who consistently gives their all to a group achievement, going above and beyond the call of duty.
Consideration for recognition is based on the following criteria:
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to the group. 
  • Positively influences the group from behind the scenes.  
  • Has a positive attitude toward Dickinson College and the group. 
  • Has a strong attendance commitment and accountability to a project or group. 
  • Completes tasks and duties with a high level of quality.  

Dickinson College Building Block Award

The Building Block Award was created to recognize a student who has made significant steps in their development in their academics or leadership opportunities. The award is designed to honor the student who displays tremendous effort and improvement in their leadership abilities from the previous academic year.
Consideration for recognition is based on the following criteria:
  • A sophomore, junior or senior at Dickinson College. 
  • Demonstrates growth in the areas of academics, student leadership or both. 
  • Has showed greater improvement in balancing academics and student involvement. 

David A. Homsey Award 

The David A. Homsey Award is given annually to a student who lives life as a Dickinsonian to the fullest - engaging deeply and joyfully in the academic, intellectual, and community life of the college.  The recipient should possess an exceedingly cheerful spirit, high academic achievement, and purposeful involvement through which he/she is able to serve as an inspiration to his/her peers.

Distinguished Dickinsonian Award 

The Distinguished Dickinsonian Award recognizes a small number of graduating seniors selected by the Division of Student Life. The seniors selected for this honor demonstrated evidence of exemplary leadership that fulfills the college's mission; effected significant and substantive positive impact on students, campus organizations, or the community; and showed progressive levels of involvement and commitment to student life during their time at Dickinson.