Mediation Courses

Dickinson offers many courses in various departments that illuminate the dynamics and patterns of conflict and conflict resolution, and examine details of particular historical and contemporary conflicts. Courses to explore include:

ANTHROPOLOGY 215: Anthropology of Political and Legal Systems

ANTHROPOLOGY 336: Social Distinctions

LAW AND POLICY 230: Negotiation and Advocacy

LAW AND POLICY 250: Juvenile Justice

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT 230: International Organizational Behavior

POLITICAL SCIENCE 170: International Relations


PSYCHOLOGY 450: Intergroup Relations and Cultural Psychology

RELIGION 260/SOCIOLOGY 230: Religion: Conflict, Violence and Peacemaking, Prof. Shalom Staub

SOCIOLOGY 230: Conflict and Conflict Resolution Studies, Prof. Shalom Staub

SOCIOLOGY 237: Global Inequality

SOCIOLOGY 270: Social Movements, Protest and Conflict

Be sure to look for courses on specific cultural regions which will address intra- and international conflict, such as:

HISTORY 119: South Asia: India and Pakistan

HISTORY 121: Middle East to 1750, Prof. David Commins

HISTORY 122: Middle East since 1750, Prof. David Commins

HISTORY 130: Latin American History I

HISTORY 131: Latin American History II

HISTORY 234: Europe: 1914-1945

HISTORY 248: The American Revolution

HISTORY 274: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid

HISTORY 288: Civil War and Reconstruction

HISTORY 371: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

HISTORY 376: The Holocaust

HISTORY 283: Latin American - US Relations, Prof. William Visser