Margee Ensign, President

Margee Ensign

Margee Ensign

Dear Dickinsonians,

When you make a gift to Dickinson, you aren’t just helping a student, and you aren’t just helping the college. You’re taking an active role in a historic mission. You’re joining many generations who have entered into a partnership with an institution whose roots date back to the American Revolution. You are helping to realize the vision of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, a vision as alive and important today as it was in the 18th century.

When Benjamin Rush founded Dickinson, he did so with high purpose to “prepare young people, by means of a Useful Education in the liberal arts and sciences, for engaged lives of citizenship and leadership in the service of society.” This, Rush knew, was what the new country called for.

Today, more than 230 years later, we know that this is what our country—and the world—still needs. By making a gift to Dickinson, you enter into a living cycle of Passion, Purpose and Pride. Your gift enables the college to make a place for every student’s passion, enrolling promising students regardless of their financial means. But it doesn’t stop there.

Your gifts also fuel the process that turns our students’ passions into their life purposes. Because Dickinson doesn’t just prepare students for their own futures; it prepares them to help shape our shared future. By providing a useful liberal-arts education for the common good, Dickinson helps all of our students turn their interests, their talents, their knowledge and their skills toward the betterment of the wider world.

As a result, your gift reverberates well beyond this campus. You help tomorrow’s citizen leaders bridge cultural gaps to foster peace, find innovative cures to devastating diseases, and become social and business entrepreneurs creating jobs while tackling the very great challenges of the 21st-century. You help build a better future for the country and world.

Because of your generosity, you can—and should—take pride in helping to carry on Dickinson’s distinguished legacy. Take pride in being a Dickinsonian. Take pride in knowing that your connection with your college and its mission didn’t end at graduation. That you remain committed to using your useful education in the liberal arts and sciences for the common good, not only through your work, but also through your support for your college. I hope that pride carries forward and that it inspires you to continue to support Dickinson so that this cycle of passion, purpose and pride continues, generation upon generation. In the few months that I’ve been in Carlisle serving as Dickinson’s president, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a wide cross-section of students, faculty and staff members here on campus, as well as with many alumni and parents around the world. What has struck me is how very proud you all are of this college. It is a pride well founded. I, too, am proud to now call myself a member of the Dickinson community, one dedicated to taking on the most daunting challenges of the day and overcoming them for the betterment of the nation and the world. I would like to express the thanks of our community to all of our generous donors, people who not only share our pride in this college, but whose support of our singular mission continues to make possible the transformation of student passions into purposes that benefit us all.


Margee Ensign