DAVS-to-Parent (International)

The purpose of DAVS-to-Parent is to offer parents of admitted and enrolling students congratulations and answer their questions. If you are uncertain about an answer, please refer the parent or student to email studyusa@dickinson.edu. This is a terrific opportunity for our international admissions team--Brian Atkins, Ruth Lopez and Mary Catherine Dennin--to follow-up with the family. 

We recommend sending an introductory email, offering your congratulations on the student’s admission to Dickinson, explaining your affiliation with Dickinson and that you are available to answer any questions they may have. This is a good opportunity to emphasize Dickinson's commitment to a globally diverse community and the welcoming and safe town in which we're located. You may offer a follow-up conversation via Skype or phone, if no language barrier exists. 

Submit Notes

When you've made contact with a parent(s), be sure to submit notes on that conversation via our online form.

Sample Text for an Introductory Email

Dear [parent name(s)]:

I am writing as a member of the Dickinson Admissions Volunteer Society (DAVS) to offer my personal congratulations on [student's name]'s admission to Dickinson! 

As an [alumnus/a and/or parent], I can attest to the value of a Dickinson education. [Insert a personal statement/example.]

Your child will join a community which is deeply committed to a global education; this is essential to who we are and how we educate our students. And, your child will join a safe and welcoming community in the town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have as you and your child explore Dickinson.