Evaluating the Interview

Within one week of the interview, please use our DAVS Interview Evaluation form to submit your feedback. Comments should be supported by the student’s statements and conduct during the interview.

  • Did the student articulate deep thinking and energy or was he/she disinterested and reactive?
  • Did the student have a basic understanding of Dickinson’s distinctive strengths or a serious understanding of Dickinson’s approach and ideas and how to take advantage of them?
  • Is the student excited and visibly passionate about an interest or has he/she dabbled in various areas without a particular interest in any?
  • Is the student fascinated by new ideas, displaying an enormous appetite for learning and demonstrating keen insights into complex issues? Or is he/she unmotivated or going to college simply because it’s the next step?
  • Do you recommend the student for admission to Dickinson and reason(s)?

Example of the Evaluation form

Complete the student’s information (name, email and high school) and then add your comments, example below.

Comments Example (Please be thorough yet concise)
I found student to be both excited and exciting! Student has a multitude of interests and experience ranging from drawing to physics. She seems to grasp the interconnectedness between all disciplines and really seek the kind of experience that I believe Dickinson provides. I was impressed by how she never ran out of things to talk about and knew how to effectively communicate her passions and her involvements in clubs, class, and other activities outside of the classroom. She articulated extremely well how the scientific disciplines like physics and biology motivate her to learn more about potential, possibilities, and evolution as concepts which can be applied both inside and outside of those subjects. She has a great perception of “positive leadership” and spoke articulately about her experience as a leader as well as a follower and the benefits of each experience. She has taken a challenging course load. Her extra-curricular activities cover a broad range of interests such as public speaking, acting, leadership summit camp, squash. I think there is a definite fit with Dickinson, and once on campus she will be a self-starter, a good example and someone who works hard in her courses, which will most certainly represent a diversity of interests and talents.