DAVS-to-Parent (Domestic)

The purpose of DAVS-to-Parent is to offer parents of admitted and enrolling students congratulations and answer their questions.

  • If reaching out by phone, we recommend sending an introductory email informing the parent(s) that you will call in the next day or two. When you speak with them/leave a voicemail/follow-up via email, please also encourage a campus visit/revisit.
  • If you prefer connecting with the parent(s) via email from the start, please include in your email your congratulations on the student’s admission to Dickinson, explain your affiliation with Dickinson, encourage a visit/revisit and offer to answer any questions they may have.

Submit Notes

When you've made contact with a parent(s), be sure to submit notes on that conversation via our online form.

Sample Text for an Introductory Email

Dear [parent name(s)]:

I am writing as a member of the Dickinson Admissions Volunteer Society (DAVS) to offer my personal congratulations on [student's name]'s admission to Dickinson! 

As an [alumnus/a and/or parent], I can attest to the value of a Dickinson education. [Insert a personal statement/example.]

Your child will join a community which is deeply committed to a global education; this is essential to who we are and how we educate our students. And, your child will join a safe and welcoming community in the town of Carlisle. I encourage you to spend time on campus this spring! Our Accepted Student Preview Day will be held on April 8, but there are many other opportunities to visit campus as well--let me know if you need more information.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have as you and your child explore Dickinson.

Visit or Revisit Options

Students may register for admitted-student visit programs on their Application Status Page (each student has a personal login and password) or parents may call Admissions to register (800-644-1773). 

We encourage those who are already deposited to attend our Accepted Student Preview Day on Saturday, April 8. Those still deciding among offers of admission are invited to that Preview Day as well as:

  • Made to Order Programs (MTO): MTOs provide small panel discussions together with the opportunity to attend classes, meet with representatives of an academic department and exploration of campus. Held the first three Wednesdays in April (April 5, 12 and 19).
  • Day Visits: Fully customized, a day visit gives accepted students the opportunity to shape all aspects of the itinerary. Typically, the visit will include (but is not limited to) attending classes in an area of academic interest and lunch in the Dining Hall with a current Dickinson student. Optional requests may include a campus tour or meeting with a faculty member or coach. Held most weekdays through April 28.

Tours and Information Sessions: Available weekdays throughout the year and on Saturdays from March 18 to April 29.

Off-Campus Receptions will be held in selected metro areas as well.