The purpose of DAVS-to-Parent is to offer parents of admitted and enrolling students congratulations and answer their questions. You may choose to reach out by email or phone (whichever you prefer):

  • If connecting with the parent(s) via email, please include your congratulations on the student’s admission to Dickinson, explain your affiliation with Dickinson, encourage a visit/revisit and offer to answer any questions they may have.
  • If you prefer reaching out by phone, we recommend sending an introductory email informing the parent(s) that you will call in the next day or two. When you speak with them/leave a voicemail/follow-up via email, please also encourage a campus visit/revisit.

Sample E-mail Text

Dear [parent name(s)]:

I am writing as a Dickinson [alumnus/a and/or parent] to offer my personal congratulations on [student's name]'s admission! I can attest to the value of a Dickinson education. [Insert a personal statement/example.]

Your child will join a community which is deeply committed to providing a useful education for the common good. I encourage you to spend time on campus this spring! Our Accepted Open House will be held on April 14 (with both a student and a parent reception offered the evening before), but there are many other opportunities to visit campus as well--let me know if you need more information.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have as you and your child explore Dickinson.

Visit (or Revisit) Options

Students may register for admitted-student visit programs on their Application Status Page (each student has a personal login and password) or parents may call Admissions to register (800-644-1773). 

Visits are welcomed weekdays and most Saturdays in April. For program details, see this page:
Off-campus receptions for admitted and enrolling students are being held in a number of locations: 

Submitting Notes

When you've made contact with a parent(s), be sure to submit notes on that conversation via our online form.