Throughout the year, Dickinson's admissions counselors and senior officers travel around the country and around the world in search of prospective students with the right "fit." From high-school fairs to visits with guidance counselors to meet-and-greets to area receptions, our staff members and volunteers are actively seeking the best and brightest potential Dickinsonians. Our trained volunteers are available to connect with you locally and conduct off-campus interviews, as well.

Find out where we're going and where we've been through this Google map application, and check out our Storify collection from the road using #meetdsonadmit. If you see that we will be in your area and would like to arrange a meeting or simply have questions for feedback, each location will provide an e-mail contact option. Be sure to check back regularly as we add to our travel plans. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the road!