Procedure for Handling Blood or Body Fluid Spills

If any member of the college community is present during a situation where there is a blood or bodily fluid spill they are to follow the procedure outlined as follows.
  • Do not touch the material: You may cover it with a paper towel or whatever disposable material is available. Stay by the material so no one accidentally comes in contact with it while awaiting the response team.
  • Call Public Safety at ext. 1349 or ext. 1111: Explain to the officer that there has been a hazardous bodily fluid spill. An officer will respond and evaluate the situation. A select group of Facilities personnel have been identified as the “response team” are specially trained to handle such situations in accordance with OSHA guidelines.
  • An injured party should administer self-care prior to the arrival of the response team: If the blood or body fluid is from an injury, the injured party should be offered material to hold pressure over the wound, if such material is available. Common sense dictates that if the injured person were unconscious and unable to hold pressure to a wound, assistance would be appropriate. Employees, not on the response team, who choose to assist, do so at their own risk. If an employee does come in contact with any substance accidentally during working hours, the employee may receive a Hepatitis B vaccine within 24 hours of the exposure. The cost will be borne by the College. Call the Human Resources for more information or go directly to the Carlisle Hospital Emergency Department.