Disclosing and Documenting a Disability to Request Academic Accommodations

Welcome exceptional new students!

We're delighted you've chosen to be a part of the Dickinson Family. If you are in need of any type of accommodation(s) at Dickinson--whether due to a learning or physical disability, a medical or mental health condition, or a temporary impairment, we'll need for you to complete a disclosure questionnaire and accommodation request. This is an online form. We'll also need for you to send documentation of your disability, condition, or impairment.

Follow the steps below to ensure timely review of your request and documentation and a determination of eligibility for accommodation.

General Information

Disability Services Director Marni Jones reviews all requests for accommodations with the understanding that each student's circumstance and exceptionality is unique, and that a flexible approach is the best way to determine appropriate accommodations for each situation. Any student seeking an accommodation must follow the College policy for documenting a disability.

Disclosure of a disability and requests for accommodations are made voluntarily by each student and kept entirely confidential. Supports and accommodations provided by Disability Services are not included anywhere on a student's record or transcript. Accommodations letters (which are given by students with a disability to the professors of their choosing) indicate students' eligibility for specific accommodations, but do not disclose any diagnoses.

Individuals with a temporary impairment (broken bone, temporary illness, or recovery from surgery) should view the Temporary Impairment Services webpage for related support and recommendations.

Facilitating Academic Accommodations

First: Follow the first three steps for Disclosing and Documenting a Disability.

Second: Once you have been deemed eligible for (an) academic accommodation(s), look for an email from Disability Services with instructions for how to schedule a meeting with Marni Jones to take place within the first two weeks of the semester. She will have your official Accommodation Letter for you to give to your professors, informing them of the accommodations for which you are eligible.

Soon thereafter: As soon as you have scheduled your meeting with Marni Jones, set up an appointment with each professor of any course in which you are seeking accommodations. The purpose of these professor/student meetings is to discuss how your accommodations will be implemented. (The professor's class schedule and yours, for instance, may impact the way that an extended time accommodation would be executed.) Here is a sample email that you could send to your professors to schedule that meeting. 

Early in the semester: In each meeting with your professors, go over the accommodations you intend to use for that class. Together, you'll complete and sign your Confirmation of Accommodations Discussion Form. Here are some tips for discussing accommodations with professors.

Right after that: Log on to Accommodate to enter the dates of any tests for which you'll need a proctor. (We will show you how to do this.) Return each signed form to Disability Services within 3 days of your meeting (and no more than 5 days before any needed test proctoring) to ensure that your academic accommodations and any test proctoring requirements are implemented for the semester. Please note, we will not finalize your test proctoring without your professors' signatures on the forms. Questions about proctoring should be sent to proctoring@dickinson.edu.

Any time: If you ever have questions or concerns about your accommodations, speak up! Dickinson professors are known to be accommodating, and Disability Services is here to support you and your accommodation needs.

Be sure to learn about all the resources that are available to you, such as Writing Tutoring, Peer Tutors, Peer Advisors, Class Deans, and Learning Skills Workshops, and take advantage of them. Don't be afraid to ask questions, seek help, take initiative, and self-advocate!

Disability Services is located on the first floor of Biddle House
Phone (717) 245-1734
Email: disabilityservices@dickinson.edu