The Bias Education & Response Team (B.E.R.T) represents a cross section of the Dickinson community (faculty, administrators, and students) who serve to provide direct support to any individual(s) affected by a bias incident or hate crime, document the incident for information gathering and archival purposes, and coordinate responses to incidents of bias that take place on Dickinson’s campus and/or between Dickinson affiliated individuals (e.g. employees, students).

Support & Partners: B.E.R.T members will provide direct support by guiding any individual(s) witness to or targeted by through the process for reporting bias-motivated incidents (see Section IV Reporting, Response, & Resolution). B.E.R.T members will also connect individual(s) to campus resources as additional sources of support. In addition, B.E.R.T members will partner with individuals affected by bias incidents and when appropriate hate crimes to identify appropriate responses for address.

Documenting Reports: The B.E.R.T coordinator will maintain summary reports of bias incidents and hate crimes for information gathering and archival purposes. Through record keeping, the BERT will be better equipped to identify any patterns of bias and discrimination that exist on campus which will inform our efforts toward address of the incident as well as overall goals with regards to diversity education.
The names of targets witnesses and perpetrator(s) will be excluded from these records for privacy purposes. In addition, documentation will allow for team to evaluate effectiveness of responses with the purpose to improve the College’s response and education around incidents of bias and discrimination. Data collection will be coordinated with DPS to ensure compliance with the Clery Act with regards to hate crimes occurring on college campuses.

Coordinating Responses: B.E.R.T responders will work in conjunction with other campus resources to coordinate responses (e.g. Academic Affairs, Campus Life, Religious Life, Wellness Center) to bias- incidents/hate crimes. Responses to bias incidents will be both proactive and responsive. It is our aim that all responses are educative in nature, educating the community on what constitutes bias and the impact bias has on a community. B.E.R.T responders will NOT be involved in the investigative aspects of bias incidents. Dickinson’s Department of Public Safety (and when applicable Carlisle Police Dept.) will continue to be the primary investigators.

Current B.E.R.T. Members:

  • Vice President and Dean of Student Life:  Joyce Bylander
  • Vice President Institutional Initiatives:  Michael Reed
  • Director, Popel Shaw Center for Race & Ethnicity: Vincent L. Stephens
  • Interim Director LGBTQ Services:  Erica Gordon
  • Corporal Public Safety: John Haggerty 
  • Director of Learning Skills and ODS Assistant: Marni Jones
  • President's Commission for Women representative: Professor Ebru Kongar 
  • President's Commission on Diversity representative: Professor Linda Brindeau.
  • Student Representative: Kelsey Johnson '17
  • Student Representative: Nick Rejebian '17

Meetings & Membership: B.E.R.T will meet periodically throughout the academic year (a minimum of twice a semester) to review reported bias incidents and/or to receive relevant training. Each semester a report of bias incidents will be generated by the coordinator.