1. Internships registered in the Internship Notation Program may be done by matriculated Dickinson students.

2. Registered internships must be pre-professional work experiences that enhance the student’s knowledge about an industry. Internships should involve exposure to the mission, vision and values of the organization, working on projects that encourage practical application of skills and teach about the industry through activities such as attendance at conferences and/or meetings, being mentored, etc.

3. Students can register internships for credit if their major requires internship credit or if the internship is part of a larger, established, and approved program (such as the Washington Center or some study abroad programs).

4. Students may register for the internship notation program through Gateway (Dickinson Portal) no later than 2 weeks into the start of the semester or summer in which the internship is being completed.

5. To receive an internship notation, students must satisfactorily complete all reflective work required by the dates they are due.

6. Student and site must complete Responsibility Agreements which will be distributed at the start of the internship.

7. The internship and reflective component must be concurrent. This means that the reflective component must be completed at the same time as the internship. Internship notations cannot be granted retroactively.

8. Internships must be at least 8 weeks and 80 hours in length.

9. The internship notation program is offered in the fall, spring and summer. 

10. Internships must begin within two weeks of the beginning of classes during the academic year, and within two weeks of June 1 during the summer.

11. Supervisors cannot be related to the intern (immediate family or another relative). 

12. Interns cannot be registered for both academic credit (through Dickinson or another institution) and the Internship Notation Program.