On this page you will find information about careers pursued by Women's & Gender Studies majors, skills Women's & Gender Studies majors develop and career-related Web sites relevant to the major. Visit the department page to learn more about the Women's & Gender Studies program.


It is important to remember that your major does not determine what your career will be. With a liberal arts education, YOU, not your major, will determine your career path.

Career-Related Skills

  • Research: Women's Studies majors learn to obtain information from texts and from observing cultural situations. They also develop interviewing skills as a method of gathering information.
  • Analysis: Women's Studies students analyze the role of gender in American and other cultures. They organize ideas, interpret events, examine evidence, and compile and evaluate information.
  • Communication: Women's Studies majors learn to analyze the media and other forms of communication, and develop strong communication skills including learning to write clearly, and presenting differing viewpoints, understanding individuals from different backgrounds.

Career-Related Web Sites

  • Business Women's WebRing - Lists numerous links to professional associations, organizations, and resources for women in business.
  • Global Fund for Women - This organization makes grants to create and develop women's rights groups worldwide.  Features information concerning the improvement of women's health rights, increasing women's economic independence, expanding girls' access to education, and increasing women's political involvement.
  • Women's Studies Database: Employment
  • Women's Environment & Development Organization - This international advocacy group's goal is to develop social, political, and economic justice for all women. Features information on women and the environment, women in the global community, and more.

For additional career resources and links, please visit the Job Search Web Link page.