On this page you will find information about careers pursued by Sociology majors, skills Sociology majors develop and career-related Web sites relevant to the major. Visit the department page to learn more about the Sociology program.


It is important to remember that your major does not determine what your career will be. With a liberal arts education, YOU, not your major, will determine your career path.

Example job titles of Dickinson alumni who majored in Sociology include:

  • Assistant Risk Manager
  • Bilingual Case Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Employment Specialist
  • Guidance Counselor

Career-Related Skills

  • Problem Solving: Sociology majors learn to analyze organizational patterns and group dynamics to find solutions to problems. 
  • Social Understanding: Majors develop an understanding of group behavior and social influences on individual behavior. 
  • Research: Sociology students design and conduct surveys to study social attitudes, values and behaviors. They gather information and synthesize ideas from different sources to write reports and present policy recommendations and conclusions.
  • Sensitivity to Differences: Through the understanding of social issues, sociology majors learn to appreciate the differences among various social groups.
  • Synthesis: Majors bring together information and observations to inform and address societal problems.

Career-Related Web Sites

For additional career resources and links, please visit the Job Search Web Link page.