On this page you will find information about careers pursued by Religion & Judaic Studies majors, skills Religion & Judaic Studies majors develop and career-related Web sites relevant to the major. Visit the department page to learn more about the Religion & Judaic Studies program


It is important to remember that your major does not determine what your career will be. With a liberal arts education, YOU, not your major, will determine your career path.

Example job titles of Dickinson alumni who majored in Religion & Judaic Studies include:

  • Associate Pastor
  • Caseworker
  • Legal Assistant
  • Offensive Coordinator
  • School Counselor

Career-Related Skills

  • Communications: Religion majors learn to produce clear, accurate, well-organized writing and deliver effective oral presentations.
  • Analytical Thinking: Through studying religious texts, majors develop the ability to unravel and evaluate complex arguments.
  • Problem Solving: Reading about religion raises many difficult questions that demand creative and perceptive answers.
  • Self-Analysis: Students engage in honest self-assessment of their beliefs and assumptions.

Career-Related Web Sites

American Academy of Religion - Employment opportunities for religion scholars

Christian-based Jobs in Asia - An inter-denominational organization rooted in various countries in the Asian region which brings churches and the Christian faith to rural communities.

Christian Career Center - A great resource for Job and Career searches and advice.

Christian Jobs Online - Job searches for careers with a Christian focus in a wide variety of fields.

Christian Ministry in the National Parks - Opportunities for students to lead services and be a part of ministries in National Parks around the country.

Hillel - Resources for jobs, internships, and fellowships with a Jewish concentration.

InterCristo - The Christian Career Specialists

Ministry Search - Listings of openings in churches.

The Catholic Vocations Homepage - A Directory of Catholic Resources including various colleges and universities, Diocese, organizations, and many more.

World Council of Churches - An alliance of churches across 110 countries.

For additional career resources and links, please visit the Job Search Web Link page.