Dickinson College students are eligible for two programs at the Simon School of Business:

Partnership Agreement
The Simon School of Business has established a Partnership Agreement with Dickinson College for current students interested in studying in a full-time M.B.A. program immediately following graduation. Students who apply for the M.B.A program directly from Dickinson will receive:

· A fee-waived admission application

· A minimum of $10,000 per year in merit-based scholarship support if admitted

· The possibility of additional merit scholarship support (exact amount determined by the overall quality of the application).

There are five application date options for fall matriculation to the 2-year M.B.A. program:

  • October 15 (for a January 15 decision)
  • November 15 (for a February 15 decision)
  • January 5 (for a March 31 decision)
  • March 15 (for a May 20 decision) – last date for international applicants
  • May 15 (for a July 1 decision)

For October 15 or November 15 application deadlines, the Simon School will do a preliminary evaluation of the file, pending receipt of an official transcript after fall grades are posted. After application materials have been submitted, the file has been reviewed, and an interview has taken place, a formal admissions decision will be made by the Admissions Committee to either admit or deny admission to the M.B.A. program.

Although GMAT results are not required for admission, official GMAT scores are necessary for merit scholarship consideration beyond $10,000, and potentially up to $30,000 per year will be awarded by the Simon School, based on the overall quality of the application. The GMAT should be taken during the summer before the senior year.

Early Leaders Award Program
Sophomores, juniors, seniors and recent graduates (up to three years out) who demonstrate a high potential for leadership may be considered for the Early Leaders Award Program. The Early Leaders Award Program offers scholarships that may be used for up to 5 years after a student is nominated, so there is also the option to go out and work for a few years before matriculating. The scholarships may also be used toward full-time M.S. study at Simon. (http://www.simon.rochester.edu/academic-programs/early-leaders-initiative/index.aspx)

Students interested in the Early Leaders Award Program must be nominated by a Dickinson College faculty member or administrator. Please contact the Laura Kilko for more information.