The decision to attend graduate school should not be taken lightly, nor should it be a “fallback” position because you don’t yet know what you want to do. Graduate school is too fast-paced and focused- it is not a time to find yourself, it is a time to jump in and master skills and content.
Your first step should be to discuss your plan with faculty in your deprtment, academic advising as well as a Career Counselor.  Graduate school application processes are described institutions’ individual websites and beware- processes and timing can vary widely from one institution to another.   The sites noted on this page, however, will help you with researching schools and learning about the general processes included with the application.

Transcript – request official Dickinson transcripts using the form on the Registrar’s webpage; allow at least two weeks for official transcripts to reach other institutions.  Usually you will be required to submit transcripts from ALL postsecondary institutions attended, so you need to allow time for this too- especially if the transcript is being requested from abroad.