On this page you will find information about careers pursued by East Asian Studies majors, skills East Asian Studies majors develop and career-related web sites relevant to the major. Visit the department page to learn more about the East Asian Studies program.


It is important to remember that your major does not determine what your career will be. With a liberal arts education, YOU, not your major, will determine your career path.

Example job titles of Dickinson alumni who majored in East Asia Studies  include:

  • Attorney
  • Customs Inspector
  • Global Human Capital Analyst
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Translator

Career-Related Skills

  • Multicultural Awareness: East Asian Studies majors develop knowledge of other cultures and international affairs. Adaptability to different environments and receptivity to new ideas can be enhanced by studying abroad.
  • Critical Reading: The dissection of texts and documents allows East Asian Studies majors to understand subtleties.
  • Analytic Thinking: Majors gain skills in creating and evaluating logical arguments.

Career-Related Web Sites

Careers in Foreign Languages

International Teaching Websites

For additional career resources and links, please visit the Job Search Web Link page.