On this page you will find information about careers pursued by Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors, skills Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors develop and career-related Web sites relevant to the major.  Visit the department page to learn more about the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program.


It is important to remember that your major does not determine what your career will be. With a liberal arts education, YOU, not your major, will determine your career path.

Example job titles of Dickinson alumni who majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology include:

  • Associate Researcher
  • Chief Medical Resident
  • Microbiology Lab Technician
  • Research Investigator
  • Senior Scientist for Life Sciences

 Career-Related Skills

  • Precision: Steady hands develop by doing dissections and handling equipment. Biology majors also develop an acute sense for detail.
  • Objectivity: Biology majors must check their hypotheses so that the results are accurate rather than reflections of their own ideas.
  • Analytic Thinking: The ability to analyze data is essential. Majors must synthesize information from texts and observations in order to solve problems.
  • Communication: Majors learn through numerous oral presentations and written reports, both featuring photographs and graphs of data, in order to communicate clearly to those not as well-versed in the topic. 
  • Persistence: Majors solve problems by collecting large amounts of data over a period of time.

Career-Related Web Sites

  • Biochemical Society - Advancing Molecular Bioscience  
  • Biomedicine - Extensive information about the biotech/biomedical industry including links to the major companies 

General Biology Career Sites

Biology Specialization Career Websites

For additional career resources and links, please visit the Job Search Web Link page.