Sadler Health Center is currently seeking PAM® interns at its Carlisle site for the 2018/19 Academic Year. PAM® is an evidence based predictive survey that assesses a patients’ knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their own health.  PAM® additionally provides care givers with coaching interventions to increase patient engagement and improve outcomes.

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In 1978, the late Dr. and Mrs. Forney P. George donated funds to help students entering the medical profession.  Their interests in seeking scholars suggested that the college seek and award candidates demonstrating a commitment to human values fostering future physicians providing medical services on a humanistic basis.  Additionally criteria for the scholarship can include academic standing of the applicants and financial need.

Through the generosity of the late Dr. and Mrs. Forney P. George of Carlisle, Dickinson College annually names several sophomore and junior scholars planning to enter the medical profession. 

This year’s Scholars are:


Mohler Prize

The prize is awarded due to the generosity of the family and friends of the late Dr. Roy Mohler.
A graduate of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Mohler ’17 became a professor and taught for many years. To honor his dedication to both the medical profession and to Dickinson, many of his past students joined to create the award.

The latest recipient, Kimberly Monteferante will be attending ST. George's University School of Medicine.

Rising Dickinson College Sophomore Gains Hands-On Medical Research Experience


Tao Xu '21 (biochemistry & molecular biology) is a rising Dickinson College sophomore who knows that top post-graduate medical programs are seeking candidates with an abundance of experience under their belts. That's why he's spending his summer getting hands-on experience through an internship with the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  

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Around the Globe

Hedvika Suchankova '19Hedvika Suchankova ’19 is not afraid to let her passion for athletics take her around the globe. From home in the Czech Republic, her love for squash brought her to Canada for her final year of high school before leading her to Dickinson to pursue the sport further.

Where Science Meets Service

Adiva Berkowitz


Adiva Berkowitz ’17 
Science, social science and service are the pathways to Adiva Berkowitz ’17’s sense of purpose. Below, she discusses her research on the need for personalized treatment for breast-cancer patients, her enduring admiration for Nelson Mandela, her dreams of becoming a pediatric oncology nurse and the 2015 award ceremony that marked her proudest moment on campus so far.


Pre-Health Speaker - Dr. Anuj Prashar

Dr. Anuj Prashar joined us to talk about his career as a surgeon at The Carlisle Surgical Institute. 

Dr. Dave Eskin '63 was our Pre-Health Society speaker on October 7th.

View some of the photos from the program.

Devy Emperador ‘08
Going Antiviral

See how Dickinson set her on her way, how she stays involved with the college and why she likes looking to the future instead of to the past.

David Chow ‘16
Science, Service and Sports

Chow discusses what being a Red Devil has taught him; his fascination with learning how the mind and body work; his plans to enter medicine; his internship at a cancer center; and the extracurricular activity that’s provided him with travel, leadership opportunities and a wide circle of friends.

Lisa Freeman
Catalysts of Change

Lisa discusses her passion for medicine and education, her psychology research, her grammatical pet peeve and the two humanitarians she’d most like to meet.

Changing Lives, and Loving It

With two older sisters majoring in science, Heather Geist ’15 had plenty of early exposure to the field, but it was a medical mission trip that inspired her to take the pre-health path. After spending two summers shadowing a surgeon in the operating room and completing research on heart procedures, she traveled to San Francisco last fall to present her work at the American College of Surgeons Conference. She also recently was accepted to medical school.


Madonna Enwe

Read Madonna Enwe '16's winning entry for Dickinson Magazine's summer fiction contest.

In addition to her deep love of writing, Enwe is a neuroscience major with plans to go into medicine, partly because, growing up, doctors were scarce in her neighborhood. Her hope is to work with an NGO that provides health care and education in impoverished countries. Her research is focused on the effects of childhood concussions; she has presented at multiple conferences, completed an internship at the Columbia University Medical Center and is currently in the University of Vermont’s Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship program.

Enwe’s dream of becoming a doctor dovetails with her passion for writing. She knows that the mark of a good fiction writer is being able to write about something you have never experienced, a skill she thinks will translate into her medical career. “You need to be able to identify with patients and empathize, something I try to do when I write,” she notes.

She also hopes that her medical work will allow her to tell her patients’ stories. “I’ve learned that there are so many things happening in the world, so there will always be something to write about,” she says. “No matter what, I just want to be doing something that helps people.”
—Grace Fisher ’15

Pre-Health Students at Graduation

Peter Howard ’15 celebrates graduation with his mother at the campus arches.  Peter plans to attend Duke University School of Medicine in the fall.Peter Howard Nikki Price ’15 with Simon Hernandez ’13 celebrating graduation after the rain.  Simon plans to attend SUNY Upstate Medical University in the fall.Nikki Price and Simon Hernandez

Living and Learning

Monica Thapa ’17’s very first class at Dickinson was also her most transformative. Here, she discusses what she learned in that class and in life, both as a health-studies intern and as part of a multiethnic family.  Read more about Monica.

Gloria Hwang ’16 awarded prestigious national scholarship

Rising junior Gloria Hwang was one of just 35 students nationally to receive a scholarship from one of the most prestigious honor societies in the U.S. Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD), which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, also honored its Dickinson chapter with a 2014 excellence award.  Read more about Gloria.

The Renaissance Man

Biochemistry & molecular biology major and Pre-Health Program student Mansoor Ghoto ’15 discusses his passion for music and drawing as well as his plans to attend medical school. Read more about Mansoor.

Pre-Health Program student highlighted with Entrepreneurial Idealism by Dickinson.

Leukemia-researcher Juliana Schneider '15 founded a nonprofit in support of education, conducted research in Japan and is compiling a cookbook in her spare time. Read more about Juliana.