Opportunities with CSSS

Paid Leadership Positions

Applications for our paid leadership positions as student staff are now closed. Every spring, we interview and hire students to work for our office. Students who participate in our office programs throughout the year are able to build a relationship with our current student staff and are more likely to be hired the following year!

Volunteer Leadership Positions

CommServ Coordinators needed! We are looking for leaders to help connect Dickinson students to the Carlisle community through regular service opportunities. Keep Hope, Carlisle Tutoring, and Habitat for Humanity are the programs that need coordinators. If you have any questions, email commserv@dickinson.edu. Apply here!

Interfaith Service Trip

Join us over Fall Pause, October 19-22,  in Philadelphia filled with service, meaningful conversation and interfaith exploration. We will be partnering with Interfaith Philadelphia to explore worship spaces, participate in community service and learn about diversity in Philadelphia. 

Service Trips

Service Trips are accepting applications to Hawaii for the Winter Break Service Trip. The service trip will take place from January 4 to January 13, 2018. Contact servicetrips@dickinson.edu after submitting your application for more information. Applications are due October 11 by 4:30pm. Click here for the online application. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers have endless opportunities to get involved with community service! For more information about these programs, contact the student leaders for each program, or csss@dickinson.edu! 

Our CommServ programs offer 16 different opportunities in a variety of organizations and themes, each occurring weekly.

Day of Service provides monthly one-day service opportunities for service in the Carlisle Community, and is perfect for those who have trouble finding time to volunteer regularly. 

Justice Served connects monthly single-day service events with discussions about deeper social injustices in our community. Our Fall 2017 theme is hunger awareness, where we will work with Rise Against Hunger in a meal packaging event in November. 

Upcoming Events and Programs 

Below is a partial list of our programs for the year. All dates are approximate and subject to change. Events are added weekly, so stay updated with our social medias and newsletter

August 26-September 2: Pre-Orientation and Orientation
September 13: CommServ Fair 
September 15: Loving Kindness Festival 
September 17: Labyrinth 
October 1: What Matters Most Dinner
October 3: Fath and Social Media
October 4: Fall Faith Festival 
October 7: Garden Harvest Festival
Octover 11: Beliefs and Big Questions
October 12: Day of Caring
October 16: Service Trips Expo and S'mores
October 18: Intercultural Spirituality Series - Buddhism 
October 28: Color Rush
October 29: Labyrinth
October 30: My Culture is not a Costume 
October 30: What Matters Most 
November 12: Snips for Service 
November 14: Language of Thanks 
November 15: Intercultural Spirituality Series - Judaism
Novmeber 16: Hunger Banquet  
November 27: What Matters Most 
November 30: Labyrinth 
December 4: Advent Lessons and Carols 
December 9: Rise Against Hunger 
December 11: What Matters Most
December 13: Intercultural Spirituality Series - Sikhism 

January 29: What Matters Most 
January 30: CommServ Fair 
February 11: Labyrinth
February 14: Love at Landis
February 19: What Matters Most 
February 21: Intercultural Spirituality Series - Islam
March 9- 17: Spring Break Service Trip 
March 18: Empty Bowls Fundraiser 
March 21: Intercultural Spirituality Series - Bahaism 
March 25: Labyrinth
March 26: What Matters Most
April 1: Take Back the Night Teach In 
April 9: Interfaith Day 
April 10: Take Back the Night
April 13: Spring Service Day
April 15: Snips for Service 
April 16: MSL Expo
April 16: What Matters Most 
April 18: (Pay It) Forward Fair
April 18: Intercultural Spirituality Series - Orthodox 
April 23: Service Trip Extravaganza 
April 25: CommServ Banquet