n2n service project

Neighbors to Neighbors" (N2N) launched in 2012-13 with the goal of connecting the first-year neighborhoods and local community organizations through active service. Each first year neighborhood is connected with one specific community partner in the local Carlisle area with the intent of creating small weekly service projects for the students of the neighborhood. In addition, there is one N2N Liaison for each neighborhood, who is an upper-class student staff member in the Office of Community Service & Religious Life, responsible for leading the service projects and working with the Area Coordinator (AC), neighborhood programming boards, and community associations to create a culture of service within the first year neighborhoods.

Email: n2n@dickinson.edu
Adams Liaison: Torie Schonfeld '14 
Drayer Liaison: Tara Black '16
Quads Liaison: Emily Rincavage '14 

N2n service project

First-Year Students gather for the All Neighborhood Service Project to paint pumpkins for residents at Thornwald Nursing Home

For the 2012-13 academic year, Adams partnered with Downtown Neighborhood Connection to focus on sustainability projects. Some of the projects for Adams included weeding a local community garden, painting recycling bins to stand out in parks, and participating in a community clean up. The most successful and popular project for Adams, however, involved staffing an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring, and it earned N2N press coverage in the Sentinel. 

In Fall 2013, The Quads worked with Bosler Library running a homework helpers program.  Later in the semester, volunteers also assisted elementary school children create canvases for the twelve days of Christmas that hung in the windows of the library after Thanksgiving.  Adams volunteers served meals weekly at the Salvation Army and Drayer volunteers entertained the residents of Thornwald nursing home every Sunday.

Neighbors to Neighbors also hosted three all neighborhood events which brought together residents from Adams, Drayer and the Quads.  Early in the fall semester, students painted pumpkins which were then donated to residents of Thornwald nursing home to brighten their rooms.  On Halloween, students dressed up and handed out candy to Carlisle residents in the library and on high street.  Volunteers also hosted a family night at Stuart House, a transitional home for women and children.  Some students made foot scrub with the moms while others played games like twister and kerplunk with the children. 

For the 2013-14 academic year, Adams is partnered with the Salvation Army; Drayer partnered with Thornwald, the local nursing home; and the Quads partnered with Bosler Children's Library.  

Spring 2014 Service Schedule

  • Most Sundays at 3 p.m., Drayer residents work with Thornwald residents in a game, such as Bingo, Shuffleboard, or Bochi Ball, or a small arts and crafts project. Meet in the circle behind Drayer to go to the nursing home.
  • Adams goes to the Salvation Army on Mondays at 3:45 meeting in Adams first floor common room.
  • Quads does not yet have a schedule for the spring. 

Aside from the specific weekly projects and the all-neighborhood events, at the heart of the "Neighbors to Neighbors" program is upper-class students leading first year students in service while strengthening the connection with the Carlisle community for everyone involved.