The Kove Hours & Menu


Opened in 2010, The KOVE (kosher and vegan) offers certified kosher foods and vegan offerings. The operation is certified by Star-K, an internationally recognized kosher-certification agency based in Baltimore, Md. Traditional vegan entrées add another dimension to The KOVE and are prepared without animal products.




The KOVE is a Star-K certified kosher kitchen and serving counter within Dickinson's DIning Hall.  The KOVE offers a vegan entree and a traditional Jewish entree with an additional side or accompaniment.  Selections may be meat, fish, or dairy.  Star-K's Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld is available to answer staff questions during visits and can be reached during Dining Services' regular hours of operations. Dickinson houses its own kosher kitchen within the Holland Union Building. The kitchen and serving area are led by mashgihim (kosher preparation supervisors).

Head kosher chef Miriam Dickey and cook Ian White prepare KOVE meals.

The KOVE is open Sunday through Friday lunch. The KOVE closes weekly from Friday dinner through Saturday in observance of the Jewish Sabbath. The KOVE closes for Jewish holidays that require observance.

When the KOVE is closed, the same culinary team uses the same KOVE recipes and ingredients to prepare vegan dishes and serve as an addition to the main serving line.

General facts and rules about kosher cooking that are upheld at The KOVE:

  • Kosher foods are prepared in accordance with Jewish biblical law and rabbinic extensions under the supervision of the mashgiach on duty.
  • Many everyday products used throughout Dining Services are certified kosher. Items such as condiments, beverages, spices, fresh fruits, and vegetables are used. The KOVE utilizes these common products when possible.

Kove Holiday Closure Dates.