Compost and Waste Reduction


Since retrofitting our dish washing and waste systems in 2009, Dickinson Dining Services has become a foodservice industry leader in waste reduction. Dining Services and the Dickinson campus divert over 700 pounds of waste daily from landfills to the Dickinson College Farm.

Dining Services secured a Hobart WastePro 1200 pulper in 2008 with the help of a Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability grant. This equipment is used to prepare refuse (food, napkins and paper products) for composting by extracting water and reduce waste volume by nearly 88 percent. The equipment also recycles water, allowing for nearly 95 percent of reclaimed water to be reused within the system.

On a daily basis, student farmers from the Dickinson College Farm pick up compost-ready waste and take it to the farm to complete the process of reclaiming waste into rich soils.

Additional Information:

Dickinson College Farm composting

Energy Saving Equipment

Dining Services strives to take environmental impact into consideration when purchasing equipment for our operations.

Within the past year, Dining Services has purchased four Rational SCC White Efficiency ovens. These ovens cook with incredible efficiency, affording us the opportunity to reduce energy use. Additionally, water usage has been cut from previous steaming and cooking equipment.

As Dining Services continues to update its facilities in the future, energy efficiency and Energy Star-certified equipment will play a major role in our purchasing patterns.