Our Dickinson Farm

Since its inception in 2007, the Dickinson College Farm has provided an ever-growing link to Dining Services for local, organic produce. In addition to organic products, the farm has provided the opportunity for Dining Services to greaten its involvement in the college's sustainability movement by becoming the main purchaser of farm products. Our financial backing of the farm has aided in creating revenue for future farm growth and capital projects.

As the farm continues to increase its ability to produce vegetables, fruits and beef, Dining Services' daily production has been strongly influenced by this abundance of items. In the heart of the 2013 growing season, Dining Services purchased over one ton of farm products weekly for a multiple week span.

Annually, the return of students for the fall semester coincides with the strongest returns on farm products. Produce is available throughout the semester and leafy greens are available during the spring semester when grown in greenhouses. Dining Services also purchases beef from the farm. Past farm beef products served include burgers, ground beef for chili and chipped beef for cheese steaks.

Farm products are featured throughout Dining Services including salad bars, side servings of roasted vegetables and inclusion in entrée items. Recently we have begun incorporating fresh farm vegetables into fresh juicing at The Underground. Vegetables will also be available at The Juice Box in the Kline Athletic Center starting this fall.

Farm deliveries take place daily during peak harvesting times and are delivered by both farm staff and students. Following deliveries, composting refuse is collected by farmers to continue the cycle of production and reuse of food waste.