Our Coffee Program

Beginning in August 2014, Dickinson Dining Services purchases coffee from Sun Coffee Roasters of Plainville, Conn. Sun Coffee Roaster and owner Keith Lemnios have built a brand based on supplying exemplary coffee products that are ethically-sourced and sustainably grown.

The mission of Sun Coffee Roasters is to directly connect students with the farmers who produce the coffee served on campuses. The company's goal is to not only provide living wages to coffee growers but also to support the educational, medical and religious needs of farmers through sales revenue.

Dining Services currently purchases Sun Coffee Roasters products including Café Blend, Decaf Café Blend, Coastal Road, Sumatra and Espresso. Products are served in the Dining Hall and all cash operations locations. Sun Coffee Roasters Espresso is used in all hand-crafted beverages at The Quarry, Biblio Café and The Underground.

Recent projects completed by Sun Coffee Roasters include building children's libraries to support early literacy programs in South and Central America. The company has also donated resources to provide better harvests for farmers through upgrades to irrigation systems.

Sun Coffee Roasters is certified by the following national certification bodies:

Fair Trade USA

Sun Coffee Roasters purchases from Fair Trade-Certified cooperatives around the world to assure that farmers and families are accurately compensated for their work and products.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance serves to work with farmers, foresters and traveler businesses to protect ecosystems, safeguard the well-being of local communities and improve productivity. The alliance connects these groups with conscious consumers through logo placement on products.


UTZ certification assures that coffee is being produced in a sustainable manner while assuring that farmers and families are being treated with respect. Sun Coffee Roasters reinvests in its farmers by provides resources to its growers.

Smithsonian Bird Friendly

Smithsonian Bird Friendly-certified coffee assures that coffee is grown and harvested in ways that do not affect the sanctuaries birds call home.

Hartford Kashrut Commission

Sun Coffee Roasters is certified kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission based in West Hartford, Conn.