Faculty - Quick How to Video's:

Where did my files go? - Find/Open/Download Your Files - For those previously used courses
Visible - Show/HideMake Course & Gradebook Visible, Show/Hide Items, Blocks & Student Views
Backup & Restore
- Backup Your Course
Text Add a Label - Text Area
Add URL or Website Link
Files -  Drag to Add - Edit - Move & Delete Files
Folders Add Folder & Files into Folder
Assignments - Create Single or Multiple Assignment Links
 - Add a Signature & Send an Email
YouTube Video's Adding YouTube Video's - 3 ways
Reading Lists - Search & Create a Library Reading List using the External Tools
Groups - Create & Add Users to a Group
Forum - Adding a Forum
My Private Files -  Add File then Link to that File & Replace a Linked File

Faculty - Quick Reference Sheets:

Visible & Show/HideMake Course & Gradebook Visible, Show/Hide & Student View
Backup & Restore - Backup your course without student data
Add/Edit/Move Text
LinksAdd a URL or website link
Add a Folder & Files into a Folder
Assignments - Create an Assignment Link, How to Open, Grade & more
Signature & Emails
Reading Lists - Search & Create a Library Reading List using External Tools
GroupsCreate a Group Add Users to a Group
Forum - Add a Forum to a course
Grades - Export Grades into Excel
Users - Enroll and Change Role
My Private Files - Add Files, Link & Replace Files
Self-Enrolling - Handy for Departmental Courses
Tile & Image - Add a Title & Image to Top of a Moodle Course

Student - Quick Reference Sheets: 

Adding Assignments - Adding an Assignment - How to Video


What new features are in Moodle version 2.5?
Drag & Drop: Just drag a file onto your course page. Even Drag elements, such as Topic areas by using the Move icon.
Drag a Zip Folder: Drag onto the course page or into a folder.
Drag Course Elements: The move icon will allow you to move a file or topic area, easily.

Where did that go?
Switch Role to: Under the Administration block is a Switch Role to block, choose Student if you want to see what it looks like as a student in your course.
Course Files: Legacy course files are in the Administration block at the bottom. This is where you will find all of your course files.
Make Course Available: Administration block, under Edit Settings, it is now called Visible, choose Show to make your course available for students.
Blocks can be docked: Blocks can be docked and might appear missing. Click the Icon to bring them back.
Courses from Fall 2009, Spring 2010 and Summer 2010: Courses from these semesters were deleted at the end of May. All courses from Fall 2010 to the present were transferred to new version of Moodle.

How do I log into Moodle?
Go to Gateway and use your Dickinson Username and Active Directory or Network password to login. If you have forgotten the password you may be able to reset it using the Password Self Serve Utility. Otherwise, contact the Help Desk by email at, or call 717-245-1000 or stop in to the Helpdesk which is located in the lower level of the Library. (Hours: 8am till 5pm). Once you are logged into the Gateway you will see a Moodle icon in the upper area.

What browser should I use?
Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for both Mac and Windows. Mac users will not see the formatting toolbar if using Safari.

How do you use Spell Check in Moodle?
The red wavy line appears when a word is misspelled. Click on the CNTL key and right mouse to find correct word choices to replace the word with.

Is every course taught using Moodle?
It is up to the instructor of the course if they decide to use Moodle for their courses. Once you are logged into Moodle look for the list of your courses. Moodle is found within the Gateway.

Can Students see the course immediately?
By default are course are not Visible (not available) until you make them Visible under the Administration Block, Edit Setting, under Visible select Show. Remember to Save.

A student dropped my class but that student is still listed in my course. Do I need to do anything for the student?
No, Drop/Adds will be processed in the system within 24 hours of a student dropping the course through Banner Self Serve.

How do I find my courses?
After you log in you should see a list of your courses in the middle of the Moodle window. Once you are in the course, you will see the main navigation bar across the top which will show the name of the course/s. This is the way to move around within the course site. As an instructor the arrangement of the blocks on the left and right can be different but the center column should always contain the primary content areas for the course.

What does Meta Courses mean in Moodle for an Faculty/Instructor?
To put it simply, a meta-course is a combination of other courses. Here at Dickinson, we use meta-courses to simplify the management of cross listed courses. Faculty/Instructor Details. 

How does a Faculty/Instructor backup course/s?
Backup & Restore your course/s. - How to Video to Backup & Restore a Course

Where can I get more help?
On-Line Shared Moodle Help or contact the helpdesk at 717-245-1000 (x1000 on campus) by email to or stop by the lower level of the Library. Moodle folks share documentation on the 
Moodle Documentation page.