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URL for Jadu - http://www.dickinson.edu/jadu
Complete Jadu Guide

Quick Reference Sheets:

Create a New Web Page (Document Page)
Edit Text Only on an Existing Web Page
Edit Existing Web Page - Text
Add Links
Add Files to Downloads
Finding the URL of a File to Link to
Replace a Already Linked File - Replace file with a new file
Add Images or Photos - to Multimedia Items
Inserting Previously added Images to Text Area
Add an Image to Page Text Area - As you are adding text
Create a Web Page then add Multiple Pages that become linked
Create a Document Page then add Files to find URL's all in one place
Create a Gallery of Images & Captions
Text Editing Tools - Table Editing Tools -  Metadata - Glossary

How to Video's:

Create a Document Page - Use Notepad, Submit, Approve & Make Live
Create a Link 
Insert Image in Text Area
Find the URL of a PDF or File
Find the link of page you created then create a link to it on another page
Replace a File that is already Linked - No need to update the link!
Adding a Table
How to Add or Update a Gallery Photo Caption

How to Edit Images/Photos:
PC - Photo Gallery - Make a Photo Smaller - How to Video
Mac - iPhoto

Jadu FAQ's:

What browser should I use when updating a web page in Jadu?   Firefox Mozilla and Chrome are the preferred browsers for both Mac & PCs. Internet Explorer does not support Jadu editor functions.

When I first log into Jadu is shows I have several Tasks, Outstanding or Awaiting Action, what does this mean?  These details will be for folks that have not completed a task (like a web page was started but not made live or it was Submitted but not yet Approved) so it needs an action completed. Some department folks will have a final approver that will need to approve before a web page is submitted so for these folks they will go into this area to get those details. 

When I am finished updating and publishing the changes to a web page will it show up immediately on the internet? Yes, If your have full rights to publish then the web page will be updated immediately on the internet. If your access is set up to have an approver, then once the page is approved & published by that person, then it will be updated on the internet. 

Who should I contact with questions about this using Jadu? If you have a specific function related question, check out the latest tutorial on Using Jadu. If you find you need help contact the helpdesk by calling x1000 or emailing the helpdesk (helpdesk@dickinson.edu) and be sure to send the link of the page in question and all details and questions, then a work order ticket can be created for the Office of Marketing & Communications. 

Is there Jadu Training or Workshops? Sign up in CLIQ within the Gateway for monthly Jadu Workshops. The url for the training server is: http:jadudev.dickinson.edu/jadu

How can I edit my page after it is already created & Live? In Jadu, Open, Publishing, Document Pages. Click on the name of the page & look for the Edit at the top, which will have the name of the page. Click on the name of that page again beside Edit.

What is the difference between Document Title vs Document Details Page Title? A Document Title is the title you give a brand new page when you first create it. This should be one word or two at the most. A Document Details Page Title is on the Jadu page where you start adding all your text and images. This can be several words, it might/could include the Document Title word/s. Both will appear on the browser bar.

What types of pictures & images can be added to a web site in Jadu? The pictures/images file extension for Jadu are: gif, png & jpg. Pictures & images should be saved with short names, no spaces or special characters. Image size should be not larger than 670 pixels wide.  The banner image size must be 670 pixels wide by 320 pixels high.
Examples of ways to name files: Jones_2013.gif  or  designjanevent.png  or  SpringEvent.jpg

How do you add several or a lot of images and make it look nice on a web page? The best way to create a nice looking page with photos is by using the Gallery feature in Jadu. Once the Gallery is created and you need to add more images, click on the Open, Publishing, then Galleries. Under View, click on Your Galleries. Click to open the Gallery you want to add more images into and notice the Add another item button at the bottom. Also notice the Remove button for any items you select above that you might want to remove. 

What is the correct way to name a pdf or any file that I want to link to within my web page? Keep the names of files as short as possible, no spaces or special characters. The only special character you can use is the underscore. ( _ )
Examples of the correct file names: LargeFormatPrinting.pdf  or  large_format_printing.pdf  

If you name your files with spaces the url will have %20 between the words as shown in this url example: http://www.dickinson.edu/uploadedFiles/about/offices/print- center/content/Large%20Format%20Printing.pdf  

Landing Page or Home Page text needs edited how is this done?  You can not edit your landing page at this time. Send the text you want changed by email to the helpdesk (helpdesk@dickinson.edu) and be sure to send the link of the page and put the subject of the email as Jadu then a work order ticket will be created for the Office of Marketing & Communications. 

I want to add video and audio files, where do I start? If you find you need help contact the helpdesk by emailing the helpdesk (helpdesk@dickinson.edu) and be sure to send the link of the page in question, then a work order ticket can be created for the Office of Marketing & Communications. 

Tables: I want to delete a tables in Jadu, what is the best method? Put your cursor in a cell within the first column of the table (not in the header row – if you are in the header row the delete column button will be grayed out) and then keep clicking the tool Delete Column until the table is gone.  Not an ideal solution but if you know you are going to be working with tables use Chrome as your browser as it works very well when editing tables. Watch the Add a Table Video.

How do you go back and edit the metadata and category keywords once the page has been created? To edit the Metadata/Categories log into Jadu, click on Open, Publishing, Document Pages. You will see a list of web pages under Documents titles. Click on the page title you want to edit. You will then be on the Document Details page. Under the blue Actions button, will be an Edit beside the title of the page. Click on the page name. You will then be taken then into the area to find Steps 2 for Categories & Step 3 for Metadata. Once completed with the area be sure to click Save. 

How do I remove an Image I put in the top area of Jadu web page? Open, Publishing, Document Pages. Click to open the page. Click on the Image Library button, then click the No Image button. Save, Submit & Approve. 

My bullets are black instead of red, why and how do I fix them? Most likely they were copied over directly instead of using Notepad or Text Edit. In Jadu open the page to edit, then remove the bullets & reapply the bullets using the toolbar bullet tool. 

The URL (web address) has a number in it, is that correct? Yes, it is correct an example is: http://www.dickinson.edu/info/20205/campus_dining/198/biblio_cafe 

The Navigation boxes found in black that have links to other pages, how do I edit the words and links on them?  Send the text you want changed by email to the helpdesk (helpdesk@dickinson.edu) and be sure to send the link of the page and put the subject of the email as Jadu then a work order ticket will be created for the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Banner  and Nolij under Online Tools on the Faculty & Staff page do not work, why? Banner and Nolij are only accessible when you are on campus,  so if you are off campus those links will not work.

What is the best procedure to put my News & Events? We'll soon be introducing Jadu blogs for those who want to take advantage of similar style news and events feed. For now, you can enter any department/office events through the new events system  (www.dickinson.edu/events) and we can feed those onto your landing/homepage. Then, you could also create a news document page and just add new news on top of the old news.

Since the web pages are live as soon as I Submit, Approve & Make Live what it best way to test it? Under the blue, Actions, choose View Live. See tutorials & video's linked above. 

Is it possible to underline text in Jadu? The underline formatting is not available since an underline would confuses people viewing the web as they may think an underline is a link. A better option is bold and/or italics.