Review Snap

In January 2013, Dickinson College implemented a new performance management system, ReviewSnap. This system is designed to produce greater efficiencies and be more sustainable than the processes that the college used in previous years to track employee performance appraisals. 
ReviewSnap is now located within the Gateway, under the Employee tab, in the Current Employees block, or click here. 
ReviewSnap Workflow Chart - For those that have the Employee starting the Review first.

Step by Step Tutorials:  

Support Staff
Manager - Reviews, Goals and Signatures
Business and Developmental Goals

Children's Center - Employee Manager
Facilities - Employee (non exempt)

Ninety Days Support Staff Review
Six Month Administrative Exempt Review

Employee - Log into the Gateway,  View, Add a Signature & Comments to a Review This tutorial is best suited for employees that didn't have to do a self-review & want step by step details to Open a Browser, Log into the Gateway, then ReviewSnap.

Director - View, Comment & Add a Signature only. This tutorial is best suited for Directors that do not need to do a review, but only add their signature, for example, a Director at the top of the department. 

How to Videos: (Click HD for High Definition)
Copy a Goal to next Review Period
Business Goal - Create, Update, Allow Rollover and Change Status


Goals: Employee and Supervisors can add or update a Goal. Emails are generated by Review Snap when any updates or changes are made. 

Can my manager see my Review before I Finalized it? Yes, if you want your manager to see your Review after you added your details just Save the Review, then let them know. Once you Finalized your review, it is handed over to your manager, which means you can no longer add any details to your area of the Review.

How can an employee see a Review after their manager has added details to it to look over before the meeting? 
The manager can go into the View option, to see the Review. This opens the Review as a pdf, which can be saved and then sent to the employee to look at before the meeting. 

Can I attach document to my Journal Entry area?
Yes, you can attach any document within the Journal Entry area. It can also be removed. Click the Browse button to upload a file.

Is there a spell check tool for the comments typed into the review? 
Yes, anywhere there is a text box, ReviewSnap will automatically check the spelling. If a spelling error appears a dialog box will come up and let you make changes.

If an employee changes managers will the new manager be able to access the past reviews? 
Yes, once an employee is assigned to the new manager all past reviews will be available to the new manager.

What employees will a manager be able to see in the drop down box? 
A manager will be able to see employees that directly report to them. 

A review needs to be deleted, who can do that? This can only be deleted from someone at Human Resources. Please contact Denise Houser at or ext. 1503.

When I try to View my review I have to log in again & the review doesn't display? Some browsers will not display the pdf file so we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.

Using a Mac and the Signature box does not appear, what can I do?
At this time a Mac must can only use Chrome as a browser to sign a review.

ReviewSnap isn't working for me, where can I get help? 
First try the tutorial linked above. If you still have any questions or issues, please contact Denise Houser in Human Resource Services at or ext. 1503.