Other Resources

Bubbl: A free site for creating your own mind maps almost effortlessly. Create an account and store all that you make

Evernote--Downloading Evernote enables you to save every website, document, picture, etc. to your Evernote collection and organize them with tags. Works with practically every computer, phone, and mobile device there it. Use Evernote to save your course syllabus, articles, notes, and power points so that you can access all that you may need for a given course in one location.

The following sites help with formatting of citations and bibliography entries: EasyBib.com, KnightCite, NoodleTools, Citation Creation, and EndNote.

Note that any online program that assists students with problem-solving, whether it be related to calculation, translation, or citation, will be of no value to you if you let it do the work for you. Such tools should be used as a reference or reinforcement; but if they substitute for your own efforts, it will only hinder your ability to learn the information independently. Let learning tools help you to study smarter!

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Note Taking

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Questions about any of these? Email Marni Jones, Director of Learning Skills, at jonesmar@dickinson.edu