Time Management and Organization

30/30 is a simple app that helps you keep track of the tasks that you should be doing. You set up a list of tasks and allocate a specific time for each task. After the timer for the first task finishes, it will tell you to move on to the next task.

Any.DO Enter your to-do list and set deadlines for each item. It works across iOS and Android devices and is integrated into Gmail, so you can set reminders from your mailbox. Here's a more in-depth look of Any.DO

InClass This free note-taking app for iPhone and iPad users allows students to take notes right in the app, and add video, audio, or photo notes (like a shot of the backboard). Includes task reminders and the ability to share notes with others.

My Homework  tracks homework, tests, projects, and lessons. Has reminders for assignments. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows 8, and the Web. Can also work offline. Free (ad version) or $1.99/year option that lets you enter classes by schedule.

Nag is a free and simple timer app for apple and android products and for people of have "just 5 more minute-itus." You can set its alarm for 2 minutes to an hour from now and after the short alarm goes off, it then keeps going off (nagging you) every minute until you either add more time or click stop (and start doing that thing that you turned it on to remind you to do!

RE.Minder A reminder app that allows you to set an alarm that repeats each minute, hour or day until you actually complete the task--kinda like a virtual assistant who will nag you until you do what you've gotta do.  You can share reminders with others via email, too.

Schedule Planner  This to-do app works with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle . You can easily plan your day by color-coded categories, and then track your planned time vs. actual time spent on those tasks. Includes alerts and notifications. Creates a colorful diagram that shows how you spent your time each day. Integrates with iCal, the iOS calendar, or Google Calendar. Free version and pro version for $6.99.

Student Time Tracker  also helps you take charge of how you're managing your time by tracking how you spend it. Timer keeps running, even if you switch to another app. See colorful charts that reflect your study (and other) patterns--per course and per activity. Keep track of deadlines and task progress, too.  Works with iPhone and iPad. $.99

Also for users of Apple products (Mac, iPad, iPhone):
iStudiez Pro, Erudio, and iHomework are all scheduling/assignment planner apps where you can enter your schedule, assignments, exams, course info, etc. and use your iPhone as an interactive planner. Here is a review that describes and compares all three. (Looks like for the reviewer iStudiezPro--which costs $.99 and syncs with iCal) came out on top.