Class Deans will support you and your advisor over the full arc of the Dickinson experience.

First-Year Class Dean: Check CLIQ or email
Sophomore Class Dean: Check CLIQ or email
Junior Class Dean: Damon Yarnell
Senior Class Dean: Damon Yarnell

At Dickinson, we believe that you are in charge of your academic experience. At the same time, we strive to provide a high level of individualized support. You are always welcome to schedule an appointment with your Class Dean to discuss your academic program, institutional policies or other questions. Working with your faculty advisor, Class Deans coordinate a variety of efforts, including:

  • Support Navigating Policies and Procedures
  • Early Alerts (First-Year Students)
  • Roll Call Grades
  • Academic Warnings and Probation
  • Voluntary Withdrawal and Transfer
  • Special Communication with Faculty (Health and other Extraordinary Circumstances)
  • Peer Advisor Program