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The mission of the CSC is to create collaborative communities of inquiry. Faculty, students and community partners engage in interdisciplinary field research to create shared knowledge, working toward greater equality, peace and social justice.


Info Session for the African Americans in Cuba mini-Mosaic
The information session will be held at the Community Studies Center Friday, September 8 at 3:00 p.m. The Cuba mini-Mosaic will focus on contemporary Afro-Cuban experience, as well as current challenges facing Cuba and its achievements in health care and education. Students will have the opportunity to practice Afro-Cuban music and dance with groups like Raices Profundo in Havana and they will speak with local specialists about the African roots of Santeria. In addition to reflecting on their own experiences while in Cuba, this study tour will prepare students for a critical engagement with the history and politics of African American cultural exchange with Cuba and Cubans from 1859 to 1960. This mosaic is composed of a two-week trip to Cuba in January 2018 and AFST 320 in the Spring 2018 semester. For more information please contact Trent Masiki (Africana Studies) and Susan Rose (Sociology and Community Studies Center). To apply please visit the Global Study & Engagement page.

Current Mosaic - Climate Change and Human Security in Nepal
Climate change threatens human security, it can displace people with extreme weather events, and it is also a "threat multiplier" that can aggravate existing vulnerabilities. Students and instructors will explore all these issues with particular focus on Nepal and how climate change is likely to be manifest in ecological, social, economic and political changes. This mosaic is composed of courses in Environmental Studies, International Business and Management and Interdisciplinary Studies plus an independent research course that will feature a three-week field component in Nepal. For more information please contact Michael Beevers (Environmental Studies), Neil Leary (Center for Sustainability Education), and Michael Fratantuono (International Studies, Business and Management). To apply please visit the Global Study & Engagement page.

New Publication: Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Indigenous Histories, Memories, and Reclamations
Dickinson’s Professor Susan Rose and the University of East Anglia’s Professor Jacqueline Fear-Segal just published the above book which offers varied perspectives on the Carlisle Indian School, interweaving the voices of students’ descendants, poets, and activists with cutting-edge research by Native and non-Native scholars. These contributions reveal the complex and enduring legacies of an infamous school that still touches the lives of many Native Americans.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's book reviewer, Jeff Gammage, wrote a review of the book that can be viewed on their website. There was also a review of the book in Indian Country Today Media Network. In conjunction with the publication of this book, the Cumberland County Historical Society held the Carlisle Journey's Conference.

Carlisle Indian School Digitization Project Highlighted on the Front Page of the Navajo Times
The Archives and Special Collections department of Dickinson College partnered with the Community Studies Center to create a website that brings together and makes available the various photographs, letters, and administrative files pertaining to the more than 10,000 students who attended the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (CIIS) between 1879 and 1918. There is now a searchable database for those individuals who wish to search for more information on the CIIS and/or the students who attended the school.