Teaching the WID Course

Facilitators: Noreen Lape and Chris Bombaro
Tuesday, August 15
9:00-3:30 | Althouse 207

The workshop will help you plan your WID course. The morning session will focus on these topics:

  • how to address WID learning goals
  • creating effective assignments
  • sequencing and scaffolding assignment
  • teaching the recursive writing and research process.

During the afternoon session, you will have time to create or refine your WID assignments, share your ideas with colleagues, and give and receive feedback on assignments. By the end of the day, you should have, at the least, a rough draft of your semester assignments.

Joining a Faculty Planning, Writing, and Support Group while Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Facilitators: Noreen Lape and Steve Riccio
Thursday, August 24
12:30-3:00 | Althouse 207

This workshop is for faculty who are interested in joining a weekly Planning, Writing, and Support Group.  The purpose of the PWS group is to create a supportive space for you as you make progress toward your scholarship goals, which may range from planning to drafting to revising projects. You may choose to create your own group prior to this meeting, or you can form a group at the meeting.

Steve Riccio will discuss work-life balance and introduce participants to Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” scheduling model – a model meant to address the problem, as  Newport describes it, of spending too much time on “autopilot” and allowing distractions to undermine deep work.  The goal of this discussion is for you to create your own scheduling model that will yield greater efficiency and work/life balance.

Next, Noreen Lape will talk about the characteristics of effective peer groups and the different types of faculty writing groups (writing together, process accountability, writing accountability, peer review, and hybrid).  By the end of the workshop, you will have formed groups, defined the group’s purpose (s) (writing, accountability, peer feedback), and discussed the rules of engagement. 

Responding to Student Writing

Facilitator: Noreen Lape
Thursday, September 21
4:00-5:00 | Althouse 109

With a focus on managing the paper load, we will consider how to respond to student writing in a way that helps students grow as writers and thinkers. Examining the art of composing margin notes and endnotes, we will discuss approaches to commenting, the pitfalls of over-commenting, our purpose and sense of audience when commenting, and the amount of emphasis to place on sentence-level (grammatical) errors.