Celebrating 30 years of Dickinson in Bremen

This past June Dickinson College proudly celebrated 30 years of cooperation and friendship with the University of Bremen. At the center of the cooperation is an exchange program, which allows Dickinson and University of Bremen students to study for a year or a spring semester on the respective oversea campus and includes a teaching assistantship program based in the German Department at Dickinson. Since its inception in 1985, when Matthias Ziegfeld became the first University of Bremen exchange student to attend Dickinson College, the program has grown measurably; over the past three decades more than 350 students from both institutions have benefited from this partnership. The exchange program between Dickinson College and the University of Bremen fosters a close bond between students and faculty from both institutions.

Dickinson College President Nancy A. Roseman, along with several members of the Carlisle-based Dickinson campus and several Dickinson alumni, visited the University of Bremen this past June to celebrate the program's anniversary, where they were met by current members of the program. During the celebration, President Roseman addressed the assembled guests and proudly spoke about the success of the institutions¹ collaboration, noting that "the 30 year partnership has developed into a real friendship." Dickinson College and the University of Bremen look forward to many more years of cooperation and friendship.


german photo