Events and Guests During the 2012/2013 Academic Year

 Jan Wagner

German poet Jan Wagner.

Jan Wagner was the German participant of Semana Poetica 2012 in October. He is a literary critic, translator, and has additionally published several poetry collections. Wagner has be regarded as "one of the most important German-language poets of the younger generation," and is recognized for his use of language, imagery, and forms in his works.

Zafer Senocak

Turkish-German Zafer Senocak.

In the Spring of 2013 Turkish-German writer Zafer Senocak was the writer-in-residence at Dickinson's Kade Center. He is a poet, journalist, and editor, and is considered a mediator between German and Turkish culture. Through his works, Senocak incorporates ideas on multiculturalism, and both national and cultural identity. 

Tina Campt

Professor Tina Campt from the Department of Women's Studies at Barnard University.

Tina Campt, a Professor of Women's Studies at Barnard University, gave a presentation "Racing the Family Narrative: Black German Family Photography and the Stories Pictures (Won't) Tell." She has focused on Afro-Germans, and their oral histories.