It is the goal of the Registrar's Office to maximize the use of all college space while simultaneously supporting you in your role as teacher, mentor and researcher. We also strive to support the recently approved Guiding Principles, most specifically #4, which states that "the priority of the College as a whole [be the guide] in all institutional decision-making." Because all office space is institutional rather than departmental space, all office assignments for faculty and academic professionals are coordinated through the Registrar's Office. The following criteria will ensure that an office assignment meets college-wide objectives.

We are committed to departmental cohesion and a desire that faculty and academic professionals work in the same general area with one's colleagues and will attempt to house all members of a department within the same building.

  • It is a fact, however, that some departments and areas, like foreign languages, often need more space than can be accommodated within a single building. In these cases, faculty members may sometimes be assigned to an area slightly distanced from their colleagues.
  • Other requirements may govern or preclude the use of some office space. Science Department office spaces often have adjoining labs, and, even if temporarily vacant, are normally a last resort for non-science faculty assignment.
  • Because office space is allocated centrally by the Registrar, individual faculty members (within or between departments) may not arrange trades.

We recognize that senior faculty should, by virtue of their service and rank, qualify for improved office space if they desire it and if space becomes available.

We are committed to providing office space for all full-time faculty members and academic professionals and do so with the understanding that they will maintain an office as long as they hold a full-time academic position. To accomplish this, it is necessary that each faculty member, academic professional, or member of the administration who teaches may qualify for only one office space at any time.

  • Faculty who have a temporary, long-term assignment elsewhere (ex: in a Dickinson program abroad or in a special appointment on campus) are expected to return to the office vacated at the time of the appointment upon resumption of full-time on-campus teaching responsibilities.
  • Two people sharing an appointment are assumed to share an office unless they make a convincing case otherwise to the Registrar, who will make a recommendation to the Dean regarding the request.

We are committed to providing office space for part-time teaching faculty and will assign space based on their teaching load. In most cases, part-time faculty are expected to share with one or at the most two other part-time teaching faculty.

  • Part-time faculty may request of the Registrar an office without sharing if they have other duties or responsibilities as part of their official appointment and if space is available.

Reassignment of office space

As stated in the Academic Handbook, "Assignments [of individual offices] are made by the Registrar after consultation with department chairpersons and the Director of Facilities Management" (Chapter 9, Page 16). To make this process less of a mystery, the following is the procedure used to make such assignments. This procedure has been in place for a number of years, it was reviewed again and endorsed by FPC spring 1998.

The Registrar determines all spaces about to become "permanently vacant" for the next year (those offices vacated because the faculty member last occupying the space will not be returning -- this does not apply to offices of full-time teaching faculty going on a sabbatical leave). At the time an office space becomes available for reassignment, the Registrar will announce to all faculty in May of each year the office's available. Full-time faculty who will be on-campus and teaching the following year (not in an administrative capacity or on a sabbatical leave) and wish an office reassignment make their interest known to their department chair, who will send the list of departmental members requesting a reassignment to the Registrar. On June 1, the Registrar will assign an order to the faculty who are interested in moving according to the following criteria:

  • Seniority by rank
  • Year of appt to rank (if tie, year of appt to college; if tie, coin toss)

Once the order is established, each faculty member will be given the opportunity to choose his or her office from the list of departmentally appropriate offices available at the time of their choice. Faculty are free to pass on the opportunity to select an available office if they prefer their current office to those vacant at the time they choose.

Sabbatical faculty office assignments

Office space for faculty on an approved sabbatical leave can be assigned only when the college has made such space available.

Faculty on a full-year or fall semester sabbatical must vacate his/her regular office by June 30 to allow use of the office at the beginning of the academic year by teaching faculty. Faculty on a spring semester sabbatical must vacate his/her regular office by January 15.

When faculty members go on an approved sabbatical leave, either full-year or single semester, he/she may keep the office only if it is not needed for teaching faculty. Faculty who request the use of his/her regular office during their sabbatical must apply to the Registrar. The application must include a proposal from the chairperson of the department satisfying the office needs of the teaching faculty member(s) within space currently assigned to the department.

Once the eligible pool of faculty requesting space for the following year has been established (June 1 is deadline to inform the Registrar of the request) individual faculty will choose space in order of their rank. Faculty will be ordered according to the following criteria:

  • Those on a full-year sabbatical
  • Seniority by rank
  • Year of appt to rank (if tie, year of appt to college; if tie, coin toss)
  • Those on a single semester sabbatical
  • Seniority by rank
  • Year of appt to rank (if tie, year of appt to college; if tie, coin toss)

Emeriti faculty office assignments

Office space for emeriti faculty can be assigned when space is available and after all full-time teaching faculty, part-time teaching faculty, and faculty on sabbatical leaves (who have requested office space) have been accommodated.

When emeriti are hired to teach part-time, office space is assigned as for all part-time faculty.